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    Blah... Isn't there anyway to IP ban people?

    Rotten people are everywhere, looking to ruin the game for others. One scammer can topple the entire chain of trust that the forum members hold toward each other... Damn them all.

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    Just want to add my 2c.
    There is a site called
    That above site is also maintained by, the same one that hosts this beloved forum. Trades in that site are going at slower pace than this forum; HOWEVER, each user has a reputation, so it's much easier to spot who can be fully trusted.

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    Lets not spam up the board with this thread, report to mod, close thread, simple as that I hope.
    Just bumping trading threads down everytime this bumps up.

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    i believe that its worth knowing who can and cannot be trusted ... if a few trades are lost ... probably better them getting ripped

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    Mods can see which ISP/IP the members are using. Close matches/identical IPs set of the alarms in the mod's corner super fast...well, if we actually had a mod that did something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skeddie
    i really dont think scammers have many friends so they are probably greedy spoild punks that get everything from mama and daddy's wallet....... like to see them take something out of my pocket in real life.

    all i ahve to say is that scammers are *%#$ing LOSERS!
    It's funny. People who otherwise have good morals don't seem to mind ripping off people on this game; I have a buddy, who I believe is a good person. He plays with his younger cousins who run amok on Bnet ripping off other players, and it doesn't seem to bother him.

    I would noogie those kids bald.


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