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    I LOVE druids. By far my favorite class. Paladins would be second but they are so overused now-a-days. I wish I could go back to pre 1.10 when I was 1 of like...12 zealots.

    I can't stand assasins and necros are a bit boring for me though I have never tried a PnB necro so I can't really say anything about them. Zons and barbs also are a bit unappealing to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Invertedpanda
    Regarding sorcs: I disagree. I've got a lvl 64 lightning/FO/high def/CE (thanks to Corpsemourn) sorc that is a blast to play. Plus, you've got enchantresses, ES sorcs, and more..

    Regarding necros: I've got a pnb necro at lvl 68 that has no problems even with poor gear. For example, he still uses a normal twitch for armor, and could easily just go naked. The most expensive piece of gear he has is a homunculus. I've got a summoner at lvl 85 that plays wearing ptopaz'd normal armor and a gull dagger Pretty much all my characters except for my sorc use gear that they found on their own, for the most part.

    Regarding casters in general: My sorc has only +4 to skills, soon to be +6. It'll end out at +7. I never use any skiller charms on my characters.

    To be "godlike", sure, you'd want to have quality gear. That isn't necessary to have fun, however.
    What i meant is that sorcs dominate those that are not immune to their element, and fall apart to everything else

    all sorcs dominate in hell and just as quickly fall apart in hell, even with infinity unless you are a light sorc (can't break immunes for most fire and cold)

    i have a 77 poison nova necro myself with currently +12 all skills including death web, he kills slowly in act 5 NIGHTMARE, around 5k poison nova and -60 LR

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    That's why you give up that overpowering "l33tness" of 1 element and go 2 elements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merick
    I can't play hammerdins.
    There's just something about using the most popular character, I can't do it.
    Me neither - in five years or so of playing I haven't been able to play one past level 25 or so. It has nothing to do with popularity - it has everything to do with the fact that the build bores me to tears. :undecided:

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    I cant make assassins or barbs or necs. Weird though because in classic i played barbs and necs as my first chars and asn was my first when expansion came out.

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    Fire druid is quite fun, but just not viable for good PvM purposes.
    Actually, I'm leveling/mfing with my Shaman in 5-8 player Hell Cows and I'm satisfied by the speed ^^

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    I have never played an ama, mainly because I would love her equipped nice and she is terrible expensive. I guess I will build one, once I can afford it. The most anoying chars I played so far, were Palas and Assissins, both because they only talk crap while leveling. The pala talks snobbish and arrogant and I would have to turn the sound off while leveling and the assa seems to menstruate all the time. Necros have funny comments while leveling, so I enjoy them the most.


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