I've been looking pretty seriously at building a BvC (hence the other questions) and I have all the gear for one without too much effort (with the exception of grief- still working on that).

But reading about a Kicksin Mageslayer similar, built around something similar to this guide http://strategy.diabloii.net/news.php?id=554
has me interested. Gear for this one is just a matter of digging through mules.

So I'm looking at two criteria in deciding;

Which of these is more viable/stronger as a pure caster fighter (no trying to fight other ww barbs, etc) Obviously th barb has a big advantage in terms of tanking, but I'm not too familiar with the strength of kicksins. And before anyone suggests a wwsin, if I were going to go the route I'd much prefer the barb.

Second, and less important; which of these has the better learning curve? Not that either of them can be useful with no skill, but which would be most effective for someone with no experience against casters to speak of?

Either would be for pub games, no mid leveling dueling or the like. Also, if anyone knows of a superior/more up to date guide for the kicksin, I'd be interested.