Hi there!

This time I need some stuff for my merc in addition to some minor stuff for my MF sorc.

Needs for merc:

Vampire Gaze\Or a sweet helmet
A nice armor

Needs for sorc:

7%mf sc's

Note: I prioritize the merc equipment alot more than sorc equip. :wink3:


Waterwalk 57life\15dex
Sandstorm 145\10\15
Andariel's visage 9%ll\25str\142%ed
Verdungo's 13%dr\34vita
Raven Frost 228\19
Cold facet 4\4 lvl up
Titans 191\9
Rare Circlet: +2 ama skills - 16dex - 7%ml - 9-20 cold dmg - 50psn 5 sec
ETH Kurast shield 15 allres, 258 def
Soul Drainers 6%ML\4%LL