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    [L] DaRnOc'S 1St TrAdElIsT ThIs YeAr! CoMe LOoK!!

    Lots of goodies here & some new additions- check out my ISO at the bottom too! More to be added as I catalog recent finds:

    Uniq & magic

    Nightwings- 10%(socketed w 4/-5 cold lvl facet-14% cold dmg total)
    Nightwings- 15%/9% absorb/13 dex (unsocketed)
    Steelshade- 7% ml/109% edef/12 rep life/8 fire absorb
    Arreats- 6%ll/168%edef
    Steelrends- 33% edmg/18 str
    Eth Headhunters Glory 1os
    Eth Tiamat's- near perfect resists and def
    Eth dragonscale
    Waterwalks -47 life
    Gerkeís Sanctuary
    Spike thorn-373 def

    Coronet- 30% frw/15% resist all/2os
    Artisans Tiara of ameleration- plr 50%/3os-3xptopaz

    Lifetap Wand- 97 charges of lvl 5 lifetap(better lifetap source than Dracs!)

    Crescent Moon Eth Thresher-218% edmg/10 absorb(220/11 possible)
    Insight Eth Bill(lvl 27 req)- lvl 17 med aura/235% edmg/195% ar/+5 critical strike(17/250/250/6 possible)

    White & socketed armors
    3os Sup Protector Shield-39% resists/15%edef/11%edur
    4os Sacred Targe-153 def/37% resist all
    4os Sacred Rondache-155 def/32% resist all
    Sacred Targe-142 def/31% resist all
    Sup Protector Shield-65% edmg/115 ar/13% edur
    Zakarum shield-26 res/189def
    Sup Akaran Targe-55% edmg/115 ar/6% edef/11% edur (lvl 26)
    Akaran Targe-57%/104 ar/108 def (lvl26)
    2os Succubus Skull- +2 bone spirit/+1 iron golem/136 def
    Eth aegis-220 def
    eth monarch-217 def
    Monarch-141 def

    Sup corona-9% edef/14% edur/180 def
    eth demonhead-189 def

    3os Sup kracken shell-517def/13% edur
    3os Great Hauberk- 421 def
    2os Eth Laquered plate-1149 def
    Sup Dusk Shroud-5% edef/492 def
    Perfect Sup Dusk Shroud-15% edef/15%edur - 537 def
    Archon plate-498 def
    Archon plate-511 def
    Sacred armor-592 def
    Sup Shadow Plate-8% edef/602 def

    White & socketed weaps
    6os crusader bow
    6os Zerker axe
    5os phase blade
    5os Eth Ettin axe
    5os Eth thunder maul
    5os thunder maul
    5os Eth flail
    4os Sup Matriarchal bow: +1 bowskills/6% edmg
    3os Sup ettin axe-13% edmg
    Sup Hydra bow-13% edmg
    Gr Matron bow-+2 skills
    Eth giant thresher
    Eth thunder maul
    Eth silver-edged axe (gets 5os)

    Sazabiís armor & helm
    Heavenís Brethern set

    Offensive skiller with 30 life
    4x P&M skillers(2x plain, 4 dex, 11 life)
    3x Javelin skillers(6 str, 25 life, 28 life)
    2x bcombat skillers(3-5 & 4-11 fire dmg)
    33 life/72 ar gc
    10 max/66 ar gc

    17/12 necro torch
    175% psn dmg lc
    6 max/46 ar lc
    35 life/6% mf lc

    10x 5% fhr scs(7x plain, 6 stamina, 19 def, 25 def)
    100 psn/2-4 cold dmg sc
    35 ar/16 life sc
    20 life sc
    19 life sc
    3% frw/21 ar sc
    3% frw/20 ar sc

    22%, 31%, 36% edmg
    100 ar/5 str
    1-90 light dmg
    15ias/4 min dmg
    30% cr
    10 min
    15 max/41 ar(lvl18)

    Manalds- 7/8 & lesser ones
    Crescent moons
    30% nagel
    Angelic rings

    Vamp Belt-10%fcr/24% fhr/40%edef/3 str/14 mana/6% regen mana/76% xgold
    Vamp Belt-10%fcr/17% fhr/38% edef/19 mana/4% regen mana
    Vamp Belt-10%fcr/10% fhr/5 str/15 mana/6% regen mana/53% xgold
    Sharkskin Belt-9% fcr/126% edef/26 life/17 mana/6% regen mana/6% cr
    Vamp belt-9% fcr/8rep life/5% regen mana/41% edef/18% pr

    Vamp gloves-20%ias/2% ll/8% cb/3 str/20 life/64% edef/repair 1-33
    Shark gloves-10%ias/4%ll/10% cb/11 life/5% pr/30 chrgs lvl4 poison dagger
    Shark gloves-10%ias/2%ll/7% cb/13 ar/20 life/20% cr
    Vamp gloves- 6% ll/8% cb/13 dex/19 life/15% cr/-50% freeze dur
    Bracers- knockback/11 dex/28% cr/21% mf/5% ctc l4 frost nova/12% ctc l4 chrg bolt
    (I have more of these not listed with + bow skills and such- just let me know what you're looking for)

    War boots-30% frw/10%fhr/3 dex/37% cr/26% lr/17% pr(req lvl 34)
    "Imp Shank" boots-30% frw/10% fhr/30% edef/3dex/20% lr/19% pr(lvl 29)
    Vamp belt-24% fhr/22 str/26% cr/6% lr/17% pr/16 ar
    Vamp belt-24% fhr/66% edef/5 rep life/20% lr/23% fr(req lvl 23)
    Circlet: +1 Druid skills/20%fcr/21%cr/plr -50%/72% xgold (req lvl 28)

    Gul, Mal and runes Lum & lower

    Runes & pgems(Lem+, quantities of rals/pamythests, pskulls & psapphires)
    eth crainte vomir(near 200% preferred)
    eth fleshripper(near 300% preferred)
    eth nonsuperior & unsocketed archon, laquered, & sacred 750+ def
    eth nonsuperior & unsocketed helms 220+ def
    3os sacred targe/rondache/royal shield with 60%+ edmg(poss trade pending)
    5/5 cold facet(die preferred)
    edmg/ias jewels
    Faith bow(crappiest roll is fine; open to different bow types)
    50% mf steelskull (eth or non eth)
    frw scs with: 3-4% all resists, good lightning dmg, 25+ def, max/ar
    Lcs with 6 max/ar/30+ life
    p&m gcs with frw
    offensive aura gcs with frw
    eth 5os bezerker axe
    I'm also open to interesting offers involving things not listed here. Just offer; the worst that'll happen is me saying no!

    Accts: *weewdarn2 - *weewdarn5 ONLY- I WILL NOT CONTACT YOU FROM ANY OTHER ACCT

    Sorry, Bradtford, Davinchy, and Bjam for not responding to you guys in my last trade thread around new years; I took a break from d2. I've since gotten ahold of Davinchy, but Brad and Bjam, if you guys still want to trade let me know.

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    35 ar/16 life sc
    33 life/72 ar gc
    Check out my ft list here
    and see if there is anything you would want for these two charms

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    IncGamers Member SSNLDO's Avatar
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    Interested in your 6os Zerker Axe what are you willing to part with it for? *eroc

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    i have:
    3 frw / 3 max / 10 ar sc
    3 frw / 8 lr sc
    20~ rals, 12 pamtheyst, 12 pskulls, 8 or so psapphires
    and a lots of junk jewels if you need.

    would like to work something out rune-wise (i know you already wanted the frw/max/ar sc)

    i'll be on later tonight i think, *niabock

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    IncGamers Member FrankWest's Avatar
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    How much for the ED jewels? I've got a Pul, a Lem, and plenty of pgems. I also have a 5/-4 Cold Level Facet - I realize that's not what's on your ISO, but it's close and I thought you might be interested..


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    I'd like this armor:

    3os Sup kracken shell-517def/13% edur

    I have sets of ral+pamethyst, some 3frw sc with other mods like resists and ar etc, and I have a 48 stealskull non-eth.

    I think I probably have at least 10 sets of ral+pamethyst, a couple of the scs... what combination would you need for the armor?

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    I took a look at you list and there isn't a whole lot I'd want really; I could use the low war travs you have, but besides that there isn't much I need. I do know the 16/35 sc is worth a pretty penny(I had offers in the HR range a month ago when they were worth 2x ist+um).

    Is there anything else you could offer me from my ISO maybe that you didnt list? Though I hadn't planned on it, I might consider putting in my eth 5os runemaster towards a trade if you have something bigger I need; I saw it on your ISO..

    I wouldnt need a whole lot for it; make me an offer and I'll prolly accept.

    I'm sure we can work something out; I'll be on after 10pm central time for a few hours.

    I might be interested in the cold lvl, though I was hoping for the 5/5 die to stick in that perfect nightwings I have. I guess it depends on how you value it; make me an offer for the edmg jewels with and w/o the facet.

    It really depends on the second mods on the scs. Let me know and I'm sure we can work out a deal. I'd really only need a perfect 50% steelskull tho..

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    I've got a 5/-4 cold die facet, if you can't find the 5/5 that you're looking for. I also have a bunch of Pskulls that I want to get rid of, about 25+ I think.


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    I'm interested in the superior dusk (the lower one I suppose) and Vamp gloves-20%ias/2% ll/8% cb/3 str/20 life/64% edef/repair 1-33
    All I have are pgems and runes I guess. I have a fair amount of rals too.

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    Left of Center
    Lem for that 6 os Zerker then?


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