Guillaume's Face
Duress Archon Plate (or other armor maybe)
Black Scourge/Flail or Death Eth Berserker Axe
Dracul's Grasp
Goblin Toe
2x Ravenfrost

I have only 2 hi runes, Jah and Ber.
I also have the following FT:
2 Sol, Dol, Ral, Shael, 3 Amn, Ort, and a few other low runes
Sandstorm Trek
25 Chance Guards
IK Helm and Maul
Metalgrid (417AR 340Def 27Res)
2xNagel 26MF + 29MF
Rare Ammy with +1 sorc skills, some resists, dex, and 22 teleport charges
Rare Ammy with +1 zon skills, 12 all resists, 32 to mana, 8 dex, 21 MF
Spirit Crystal Sword
5 PGs
148/30 Gheeds
126/28 Gheeds (I will trade 1 of them probably)
31 Life GC (is this worth anything alone?)

Post here or PM me or wisper me *publicenemy if your interested. Thanks. =)