Masterazn’s Dual Element PvP Charge Variant Auradin for v1.11b DRAFT I

Introduction to the Dual Element PvP Charge Variant Auradin
Hey all,

I’m masterazn, I currently live in China and I’ve been playing Diablo II for quite a while, from 1.00 on single player until I hit the realms in1.08. I currently play on the US-West Realm on Non-Ladder Softcore exclusively.

I strongly urge you all to read this guide thoroughly so that you can understand the workings of the Auradin in detail. The Auradin is unlike many classes, you must have full knowledge of how your Auradin works to be efficient in PvP. Gear changing is vital to the Auradin’s survival and killing ability depending on opponents.

I have recently completed my Charger Variant Aurading (CVA) and have decided to make a guide for it. Although this resembles raffster’s Auradin build, I believe mine will shine in the sense that it will be detailed with what gear choices and also, something that most guides do not do, fully explain why such gear was chosen. In addition, raffster’s guide is quite outdated and I believe mine will offer insight on more recent information.

Note that this guide is my personal opinion on how the build should be done. If you disagree, your comments are welcome but I’d appreciate constructive debate over this build. I will gladly respond to your questions, your PM’s, your suggestions as long as we keep this civilized. Once again, this is how I built mine, if you disagree, then you are free to stop reading and do as you wish. This is purely what I believe should be done to make this build as successful as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Charge Variant Auradin is most successful in public duelling rooms. One of the greatest advantages (if not the main one) is that the Auradin is able to deal damage from afar without the need cast or attack. At the same time, the Auradin is equipped with top-end gear and obtains his damage from those items. As a result, many items slots are left available for defensive gear. Hence, the Auradin tends to be a great public game dueller.

Please keep in mind that the Auradin is not as efficient as many other build versus melee opponents. I built my Auradin to fight casters and other ranged opponents.

The Breakdown of the Auradin
The first question that comes to mind is, why the Auradin? This section will simply list the advantages and disadvantages that I have found in my PvP and PvM experiences. These are my personal opinions, you may or may not agree with them.

General Disadvantages
-The CVA leans on the higher-end of cost for a character build.
-Non Ladder players will have a harder time acquiring items.
-The CVA is very item-dependent.
-Auradin’s in general are often frowned upon and insulted as a “cheap” or “noob” class due to its ability to slay opponents quickly by doing nothing more than moving about.

General Advantages
-The Auradin can be for the lazy. If you enjoy seeing monsters and opponents suddenly die, the Auradin is for you.
-Very apt at PvP with low-speed connections and/or high ping (My ping is 800ms on average and I am able to clear out many duelling games on
-The Auradin is a very impressive build to opponents who are unfamiliar with it. You may be accused of cheating (I have been accused of using Auto-Aim countless times).

PvM Disadvantages
-Unable to kill dual resistance monsters (Fire and Lightning).
-Slow killing speed compared to most other builds.
-Inability to defeat the Ancients in Hell Mode.
-Inability to lead experience runs (the Auradin levels mainly by leeching).
-Inability to complete all quests alone.
-Inability to defeat Diablo Clone.
-Inability to complete Uber Tristram quest.

PvM Advantages
-Fast killing speed in Normal Mode and parts of Nightmare Mode (I have never cleared the Den of Evil so quickly before).
-Requires little monster targeting, moving through an area usually clears monsters.
-Gear setup allows for extremely high resistances versus elemental damage.

PvP Disadvantages
-Ineffectiveness against high-life, high-defense, and/or high-block opponents.
-The CVA is geared towards duelling casters and ranged opponents (mostly Sorceresses, Amazons, Necromancers). To read more about PvP, please see the respective section.
-Requires large amounts of dexterity to reach 75% block rate due to shield use (see Equipment section).
-Easily slays “naked” characters attempting to retrieve body (in other words, the Auradin will “NK” chars without you even trying to. I suppose this could be an advantage but I dislike this behavior).
-Relies on “BM” equipment.
-Requires stash space to store optimal gear for various opponents.

PvP Advantages
-Ability to stack resistances and use absorption gear.
-Very effective versus casters.
-Has the ability to use charge as a secondary source of damage for opponents with stacked resistances (Important concept note on this later).
-Deals damage from two elements (Fire and Lightning) in addition to physical damage.
-Ability to outrun or run just as fast as teleporting opponents (due to charge).
-Deals large amounts of elemental damage (very effective against Energy Shield Sorceresses).
-Does not require low-ping connections.
-Ability to damage multiple opponents repeatedly without the need to worry about targeting.
-Able to deal damage while evading opponent’s attacks (Aura pulses are strong than one would expect).