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Thread: diablo 2 R.P

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    [remember me?? hehehe Let's get this thread on the role again!]

    Although Turb wasn't a long member of the group they all feld that he was a great companion so they all hastened towards Akara yurt to see how things were doing with him. Even Zahra studying with Cain followed.

    Before they could enter the tent Akara came out:

    "Your friend is in grave danger. he is in some sort of coma, battling in his dream and there isn't a potion I can use to help him..."

    "Is there anything we can do?" Fenris replied

    "Well there is an old lore I know of. With this lore one person and one person alone can enter the dream of Turb and help him in his fight. There are a few things to consider though. First the world the person enters in is not a real world but it feels real. Because of this the person may have the feeling he is home although he isn't. I can call him but I can't get him out. The second consideration is that the person who enters won't have any items in this new world. He may find stuff but he has nothing! And third of this person gets injured in the world of Turb he will be injured here as well, if he dies he'll die in this world as well"

    "I am no good without my axe..." sigoth nodded

    "I won't go without my bow either..." Jenny nodded

    "I can go..." Zahra said bravely! "He save my life as well and I have no real use of items because of my magic!"

    "My auras alone are no use.. I need a sword or scepter..." Jareth responded

    "I can go" Nhramin said

    "I want to go. I travelled with him and I owe him this!" Fenris replied!

    "You all must decide who will go. I am going to prepare myself for this ritual. The one who will go can enter my tent. The rest must stay out! If someone enters this ritual can go extremely wrong and the result can be the dead of three friends. Turb, the one who will enter and mine as well while I am the link between both souls...."

    [who will go????]

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    [I can make that decision for you guys if you want... But we can discuss it if you guys want too]

    Turb felt something wet on his face. He squinted as the bright sunlight reached it's peak. Every part of his body was in blinding pain. Turb rolled over into the shadows cast by the house beside him. He examined his wounds. His entire body was covered in bruises and cuts, some of which had clogged already, but had opened up again when he began to move. He remembered that he was in an alley and that his Master had beat him severely because he had failed his mission to kill the target.

    The dog continued to lick Turb's face, and Turb allowed him to. It had been so long since Turb had had some companionship, and he liked the attention.

    Turb sat there trying to piece the events of last night together when something caught his eye. A piece of parchment near the place where his body was just minutes ago. Turb picked it up and examined it closely. There was a map of a town not too far from here with an enormous X over the palace which stood in the middle of the town. Turb knew what he had to do, he couldn't disobey his Master again, not after what happened last night.

    Turb stood up and decided to walk over to the town on the map. He would be able to get there by nightfall if he hurried. Turb stood up and started his way out of the alley. The dog followed close behind.

    Walking around in the marketplace, Turb eyed all the food that was on display. It had been a while since his last meal, so Turb decided to steal some stuff from the food stands. It wasn't too hard, with Turb's quick movement and speed, the owner didn't even notice Turb was standing there.

    Turb was about to bit into his stolen apple when he heard some whimpering beside him. It was the dog. Turb thought that maybe the dog was hungry as well and offered him some bread. The dog refused and stared at Turb. He sighed and walked back to the stand. Turb confessed to the owner and apologized.

    "You give me that look again and... Well I can't do anything to you." Turb said to the dog as they walked away.

    Turb was pondering over his situation and what actions he'll take when he reaches the town. Could he actually kill the target this time? And why couldn't he perform his task last night? What had stopped him from just attacking the old manwhen he was down? Turb was worried that maybe tonight the same thing will happen and he won't be able to do anything about it.

    Turb was walking among some sort of sandy hill region now, and he knew that there had to be some creatures lurking around here, so he equipped his Katars and readied himself for an attack from any side. The dog seemed to sense the change in Turb's mood and started to walk closer to him.

    Turb's feeling turned out to be correct. In a short period of time, he had been attacked by mutated scarabs and huntresses. Even the dog took down quite a few of them, so Turb was glad to have him as a travelling companion.

    Turb's estimation proved to be correct, arriving at the town when the sun was setting. He could see the grand palace right in the center. It stook out so much that there shouldn't be too much of a problem finding at least one open entrance. Turb snuck past the guards on patrol on the exterior walls. He peered back and could see that the dog which had followed him was just sitting at the gates staring right at him. Turb climbed swiftly into a window and into an empty bedroom. He cracked the bedroom door slightly and saw into the long hallway. Only one guard on patrol, this was going to be easy.

    Turb equipped his Katars and slipped quietly into hallway, the guard's back to him. The guard suddenly looked back and into the eyes of the assassin. He thrust his polearm at Turb, but it was easily dodged. Turb jumped swiftly over the guard's head and landed neatly behind the guard. The guard then swung his polearm in a large arc towards Turb, but the assassin disarmed him easily. Turb then tripped the guard with the polearm and readied himself to stab straight into the guard's chest.

    "STOP TURB!"

    Turb Looked around and saw a figure emerging from the room he just came from.

    [I kinda hinted towards who it was, but you guys can change the story up to suit your character if you wanna be the one to save me :P]

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    "Let me go!" Fenris said to the rest "I owe him this for the friendship he gave me immediatly!"

    "But you can't take any weapons nor armor..." Nharim responded

    "Maybe it's better when a magic-user helps Turb." Zahra mentioned

    "My summoned monsters are called by magic and my fangs and claws are my weapons. Beside i don't need a big armor while my fur is a great armor already. Please let me go"

    "A man who wants to go will do his utter best to do it perfect!" Sigoth nodded

    "So I can go and help Turb?!" Fenris replied in relieve.

    Nharim and Zahra nodded in agreement. Fenris walked towards the yurt and when he entered he saw Akara. Her body was painted in a strange blue color and a strange escent filled Fenris his nose.

    "I will bring you in a dreamlike coma. You will have to find your way through me into the mind of turb. Follow the colors you see on my body. They will guide you towards Turb. Don't go into another direction because I have no way to get you back." Akara said to Fenris with a lower voice then normal

    "I studied Turb his dreams for a while and he is on a quest to kill a king. He must be stopped because if he kills this king he will kill a part of his own personality. The one who is called the master is the one who need to be killed. Now lay here and follow my command!"

    Fenris layed on a comfortable blanket and Akara began with her ritual. He could feel his body become heavy and he feld the world spinning. Suddenly all colours where around him and he saw the blue color of Akara. He followed it and although he had the desire to follow the greens and browns he knew so well he was determined to help Turb. After what felt like ours the colors began to swirl again and a world formed in front of him. Fenris saw Turb although it was a younger version of him laying in a small ally. Fenris decided to cast a wolf to make a first contact. Turb felt the licking but he didn't recognized the wolf as one of Fenris. Fenris decided to lay low and to follow Turb to aid him when necesary.

    Meanwhile akara awoke from her trance and knew she had done what she had to do. She went out to feel the sunshine on her cold skin and the group immediatly ran towards her.

    "You still can't enter the yurt but know that everything has gone as intended" she replied "The rest is up to Fenris and Turb"

    [Have fun Ferentix ]

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    'For you my friends the time has come!' Cain said while he approched the group.

    'While Turb en Fenris are battling it's time for you to move on with the quest. We can't delay because with every minute delaid Diablo himself will move further east and I have a few idears of what he will do...'

    'Isn't there a way we can help Fenris and Turb even more?' Nharim asked.

    'You only can help them if you start moving on. Maybe you encounter this Master Turb was talking about and maybe you can kill him but there is no other way to help them.'

    'So it is!' Sigoth responded. 'I will go and I hope everyone will help me.'

    'Sure thing!' Nharim said.

    'I wanna kill some baddies again so I'll help you!'

    Everyone looked at Jareth and he looked back at them. His mind was troubled with what he had to do. Join the group and kill Andariel or move east on his own. Then he made a decision:

    'Sure i'll help!'

    'We have found a lot of items so first we have the arm ourselves. Let's take what we need and move on!'

    When they had equiped themselves the four looked like awsome warriors.

    They all took the last waypoint and started there adventure again.

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    [Hey hey everybody! Its everybody's favorite demon fox, Kyubi! Anyways, enough about my return. It seems that the members of the RP have been dwindling as of late, and so under these circumstances the author's status's are unknown, and thus they're posts have been cut down substantially. The roles of Jareth and Jenny will be actively alternated between TurbulentTurtle and TBrundel. I will be taking the task of RPing Zahra, Sigoth, and the mystery woman. Of course there are high hopes of our favorite fiesty sorceress joining in on the fun and gracing us with another glorious post. But until then lets hope I do a good job of keeping her characters IN character. Alrighty, enough with the delay, on with the show, gentlemen!]

    ~Chapter 6 ( 7? 8? 9? :laugh: )~

    The familiar blue illumination, radiated the nearby woods as our adventurers phased into exsistence within the Black Marsh.

    "Hmmm... Does anyone else seem like they've been here before?" Nahrim prodded sarcastically as Jenny chuckled at his antics.
    "Come, lets not stray from our thoughts everyone!" Sigoth commanded as the acting leader of the group.

    The gripped their weapons and held them at the ready as they made their way from the warp point. Sigoth and Jareth leading, Sigoth to the left and Jareth on the right, followed behind them was young Jenny. The two casters, Nahrim and Zahra, walking casually up the rear.
    The trees here in the part of the woods they entered were previously broken, as though there had been some sort or struggle. No. Rather someone had been running recklessly, and paid no mind to the environment. Sigoth motioned at the ground and trees with his hands so that everyone knew what he was thinking at the time, about someone being there before them.

    "Sigoth, I have no idea what you are saying", said Nahrim, piping up, again Jenny chuckled.
    "Oh, would you two be quiet! I am showing you that there are tracks, and disturbed surroundings--", Sigoth started.
    "Meaning?" Nahrim interupted.
    "Meaning, Sigoth is being too cautious. You are forgetting that Turb and Fenris returned to the camp from these marshes, my friend. Im sure Fenris ran by here upon his return to camp." Jareth explained. "We can be at ease--" He placed his hand on Sigoth's shoulder. "At least... For the moment."

    Zahra looked at the Paladin for a moment, she was intrgued that Sigoth hadn't become flustered since he did not finish what he was intending to say. Usually he would get upset and intimidate the others, but with Jareth... Sigoth listened. They quickened their pace through the woods, and saw a clearing up in the distance. It was as though the marshland itself was paving some sort of path for them through these trees.

    Zahra looked to Nahrim, he noticed her gaze and smiled. "Are you not going to raise your spirits?" She questioned, as her curious self.
    "Well we seem to be okay for now, and if Jareth says its okay, I suppose its okay." Nahrim said unexpectedly.
    "Really? Thats unusual of you, I would've thought you'd be more sympathetic to Rein's feelings still. It isn't like you to let things go easily." She picked at him.
    "Yes... Well... I suppose you could say im testing the man." Nahrim winked.
    "Testing?" She asked, interested.
    "Yes!" he smiled, "For when Rein comes back! I want to tell her that she shouldn't hate Jareth!" He said confidently, yet because of Nahrim's nature, Zahra always felt that whatever he told her, she would have the strength to accept and believe it. In fact the way Nahrim was talking, she felt as though Rein never left, and was always close by, watching over them...
    'And save us if we're ever in a bind again'
    She thought to herself and started laughing softly with her hand in front of her mouth.

    "Hey hey! Whats so funny back here?" The young archer fell back, curious.
    "Hmmm? Oh its nothing, Jenny. I was just remembering something from a while back" Zahra dismissed.
    "Ehhhh? That's no fun." she stuck her tongue out and headed behind Jareth again.

    Zahra chuckled as Nahrim raised a Golem from the earth. Zahra quickly glanced over to her side at him.
    "I figured you were right, though" He explained.
    "Oh? About what?" She asked.
    "Well this place is pretty bare of enemies and danger, but should trouble present itself, I may as well be-- Oof!" Nahrim didn't finish, since he had bumped into Jareth's back.
    Zahra helped him back to his feet, "Why did we stop all of a sudden?" the sorceress perked. The forest fell deathly quiet, without the sound of them trekking through it, it seemed quite odd. "Sigoth said he heard something" Jenny alerted Nahrim and Zahra. Nahrim motioned for his Golem to come towards him, without much of a noise, save the steps, the golem did as it was told. There they stood, as if frozen by Medusa's Gaze, in the forest, no one moving a muscle. Jareth Sigoth grew skeptical of himself, "perhaps im eager for battle... I must be hearing--" Before Sigoth could deplore the thought, they heard something. "Shhh!" Jenny comically hushed Sigoth.
    There it went, again.
    It was faint, but it was there. Yes, the sound of something moving about. To make matters worse, it was in the direction of the clearing.
    Again, rustling in the distance. Whatever it was, it was clearly in the woods with them. It didn't sound too disturbing though, it sounded like a large animal running at short intervals through the woods. If it were hell spawn they would make noises in order to intimidate humans. Sigoth figured that it was probably an animal, but to be safe - "I think we should make our way towards the clearing as soon as we can" He pointed towards the light in the clearing. "Does anyone know what lies beyond the Black Marsh?" Jareth asked, "Well lets see now..." Nahrim pondered.
    "I think there might be a cave we need to take coming up ahead around here somewhere... But why doesn't that sound right...?" Nahrim said, indecisively.
    Jenny rubbed his head with her fist, "Thats 'cause we see a light at the end of that clearing, smart guy."
    "The Den of Evil had cracks in its foundation to let light in!" he tried to explain.
    "Tamoe..." Zahra softly advised.
    "What was that Zahra?" Sigoth looked back to her.
    "I believe. . . I believe its Tamoe Highlands..." She told them.
    "You mean--" Jenny started.
    "Yes... Im afraid so." Zahra sad, sounding somewhat distressed.
    "Well why look so down? I think we got here in a timely fashion!" Nahrim said, excited.
    "Nahrim. Do you not remember?" Zahra queried, "About the Highlands? I can't say I do..." Nahrim scratched at his head, through his wavy white hair.
    "Akara... The Sister's monastery is there. The one Andariel and her forces chased them out of." Zahra warned.

    "Come! We are almost there!" Sigoth motivated them, but just as he finished the rustling in the woods was closer than ever, and so much more vivid.

    "Prepare yourselves!" Sigoth commanded.

    Zahra propped up her staff sideways preparing a defensive-like stance, in this kind of close quarter there was a chance of lighting her allies on fire, she wouldn't be of much use, unless the enemy came to her directly. Jenny quickly climbed up a short tree, standing on a branch just an inch above Sigoth's head. She pulled back 3 arrows on her bow string and awaited the new threat. Nahrim stood at the ready with his twig like wand and golem in front of he and Zahra, although he didn't look intimitading, an enemy foolish enough to get in the range of one of his curses were as good as dead. Jareth and Sigoth moved in closer to Zahra and Nahrim preparing to take the enemy from whichever side it may strike from, shield and sword, and gigantic axe at the ready.

    "Hmph! Hiding the woods like a nymph! Bring all you have you cur!! Jareth shouted.

    It seemed what Jareth said riled the foe, as the noise or rustling in the forest came at them, with incredible speed. Just then Jenny saw the figure, it was hard to make out in the darkness, but she saw the movement. 3 Arrows rained on the target as 2 more were on the way in quick succession. Miss.

    "Its coming right at your direction! Get ready guys!!"
    It maintained course, with incredible speed, how it dodged Jenny's arrow were a mystery in itself.
    "NO! FROM BEHIND!! ZAH--" Jenny exclaimed.
    But it was too late, Sigoth and Jareth had turned just to see Zahra get tackled down by... A hunk of Silver!?

    The golem threw the metal clad foe off Zahra, Sigoth immediately charged in like a minotaur. The foe looked up at the giant barbarian coming down with his axe.

    He stopped. About an inch away from the foe's face.

    "WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU FOOL! FINISH IT!" Jareth commanded.

    In a soft mysterious voice, almost impossible to ever hear from Sigoth, he said, "Rien...?"

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    Birds flew overhead and faded into the mist above the marshes as the group stood down below in the dank blackness of this bog. Zahra had now picked herself up and brushed off the dirt from her robes. Sigoth rushed to her side, "Zahra, are you alright...? Are you hurt?" Zahra looked upon Sigoth's concerned face, and gave a smile, "I am unharmed... My love." she convinced him. Nahrim looked disgusted at the fact Zahra had openly called Sigoth her love, while Jenny dug her elbow into his bicep.

    "But more importantly--" Zahra's eyes started to well up with tears, "Rien, you've returned to us..." She said, as she turned to face the warrior on the ground.
    Nahrim and Jenny quickly ran over, "can we be sure?" Jenny asked immediately.
    "I sense no deceit here..." Zahra assured.
    "I can sense no magic at work as well... This... MUST be Rien!" Nahrim said, backing up his 'sister's' words.

    The strangely armor clad woman sat up, coughing and wiping away dirt. It seemed as though she may have hit the ground or Zahra quite hard. It was most likely the ground, the the rate of speed she was running, she very well could have hurt Zahra, had she not kept her staff up. Jareth turned and walked a bit away from the group mysteriously, however not much further. It was enough to scout ahead, but he did not return, he waited, as if waiting for the rest of the group to catch up. Zahra could not believe her eyes, it was Rien, in the flesh, sitting before her, things could go back to the way they were before, perhaps Rien would join them. Nahrim helped her up, "I knew you couldn't stay away from us", he said as he chuckled somewhat devilishly.

    "Nahrim..." she coughed, "it is not that I could NOT stay from you all, in fact.. It is quite the opposite..." Rien said, intriguing the group.
    "But I... I... Wanted to..." Rien had begun losing conciousness.
    "Wanted to...?" Zahra asked, now holding Rein's hand, with tears of happiness.

    There was a wound on her right side, above her hip. Unknown at this time, but appearing as though an organ could have been punctured.

    "Sigoth!" Zahra called out, holding a bunched portion of her robe on the part of the armor where blood had been driveling out. Sigoth came closer to them and before Zahra could explain, Sigoth had noticed the injury being stopped by Zahra.
    He nodded confirming the injury, "we should quickly take her back to the camp" he suggested as he handed his axe to Jenny and slumped Rien into his arms. As they started to head back towards the Warp Point, Zahra had noticed Jareth was missing, she turned and saw that he was still behind, near the clearing.
    "Come Jareth!" Sigoth shouted.
    "Honestly, whats he doing?" Jenny asked, agitated.

    Then they saw him move away from the clearing and jogging up the path towards them. Zahra thought it odd that he hadn't sheathed his sword and shield quite yet. He must have still been on edge since he knew Rien's feelings towards him. The look on his face however, told a different tale, as he jogged towards them he seemed worried. His face somewhat pale, and he looked distracted. As in her curious nature Zahra asked him upon his approach, "Is something the matter?" but he did not reply. Jareth had stopped jogging now, but kept on walking, past Zahra and the others, towards Sigoth, it was somewhat frustrating that he didn't answer her. She pondered to herself if all Paladin's were like this, and then dismissed the thought for a much more amusing one, thinking perhaps Rien disliked Paladin's for their nature and rudeness. Once again Zahra chuckled to herself, but then retained her attention at the problem at hand, Rien, she'd been injured and looking for them. Was she in some sort of trouble? Had she just hurt herself in the Black Marsh? Much was uncertain why Rien had suddenly shown up in their lives once again, but Zahra knew that they had to do one thing, that was to return to camp and help Rien. Just then--

    "WHAT!?" Sigoth shouted at Jareth.

    It had seemed though Jareth was indeed going towards Sigoth. Jenny, Nahrim and Zahra all looked upon the two of them, Rien in Sigoth's arms and Jareth sword and shield at his side looking serious into Sigoth's face.

    "Whats the matter?" Nahrim asked the two.
    "It's nothing we should have to deal with if we quicken our pace." said Jareth.
    "Sigoth?" Zahra said, prodding at an answer.
    "Rien..." He said hesitantly, "Jareth thinks that Rien might have been followed into the marshes." answered Sigoth.
    "Hellspawn?" Jenny asked.
    "I don't know... But what I do know is that there are things surrounding the exit" Jareth replied.
    "It would seem that we should come back in a greater number" Sigoth looked at Jareth, "correct?"
    "Yes, it would be in our best interest to come back here with Turb and Fenris..." Answered Jareth.
    "... And Rien." Zahra said, anxiously.
    "Yes, I believe she was about to say something before she had lost conciousness" Sigoth mentioned.

    Jareth continued on, in front of the rest, leading them towards the Way Point.
    "He does not seem to like Rien, does he Zahra?" Nahrim asked to his 'sister'.
    "It would seem so Nahrim... Unfortunately..." She replied.
    Jenny joined in on the two's conversation, "either way, I think we can use all the help we can get. Am I right?"
    Nahrim and Zahra nodded, and they all continued onwards, back to the camp. It seemed as if the Black Marshes were of some sort of bad luck, they had seen more of this one place in their journey than any of the other lands.

    Sigoth looked down at Rien and looked at her face, where the helmet that consealed her identity had once been, he smiled. Now thinking about the past and how he thought she was a valiant warrior and how his attitude quickly changed when her true identity was revealed. He thought to himself, 'funny how things happen... I suppose this makes us even... Huh, Rien?'.
    She had saved his life once before in Tristram, and although saving her life at this point was unintentional upon Sigoth's part, he was the only one that could carry her in the armor she was strapped in. As far as Sigoth was concerned, this counted, they were square, and he would acknowledge her in combat from hereon... So long as she decided to stay this time around.

    Zahra looked to Riens feet, dangling from Sigoth's bicep, somewhat bouncing because of his motion alone. He may not have seemed it, and no one may have noticed, but to Zahra, Sigoth's compassion was where her strength came from. Rien, however, was another story... Zahra felt somewhat at ease and at the same time conflicted whenever Rien was around. As though she could stab her mentally, but comfort her physically, but at the same time the opposite was true. It was something Zahra had never felt before, she felt so close to Rien, yet so far. So badly did she want to know more about the mysterious female knight, yet she felt as though somehow... She knew everything there was to know about Rien, as though if Rien had woke up tomorrow and told her a secret, she would be unfaltered, as though it was expected, as though she had already known. Yet she acknowledged the fact that she knew nothing of her... Distant, yet within her grasp. This is what having an older sister must feel like, to be so close to one another, yet there are still secrets...

    "Zahra...." a voice echoed in her mind.
    "Zahra...!" it seemed louder than before, almost as if it were standing right beside her.
    "HEY! ZAHRA!" Nahrim poked her in the arm, she suddenly snapped to attention. It was just Nahrim trying to get her attention, thats right, they were conversing with one another until she saw Rien's foot...
    'Odd how the mind can suddenly wander off.'

    "The voice... It was just you, Nahrim..." She said softly.
    "What are you talking about!? I've been calling you for a while now, I was talking about this curse I learned from that book yesterday, and you were listening... For a while! Then when I asked you a question, you didn't answer!" He ranted.
    "Oh, Im sorry Nahrim, I was... Thinking..." She explained.
    "Well im sorry if I disturbed your train of thought!" he replied sarcastically.
    "Thats alright, what was it that you were asking?" She asked again.
    "WHAT!? What do you mean, 'thats alright'!? I was be--" Again Nahrim was interupted.

    The unknown enemies had finally made the decision to enter the woods and pursue Rien. The weapons and armor clanked in the distance as the enemies were clearly running towards the group. Jenny stopped a moment to listen, trying to figure out the numbers... It was hard to tell from sounding that far in the distance, could it be 10, 20. No, much more, it was most likely an army...

    [I'll leave it at this for now, Turb or Ferentix, take this time to tell us whats going on in Turb's head for a new chapter. ]

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    [Let's see if I lost my touch over this period of time.]

    Turb turned around to see who it was, and what he saw was oddly familiar. It was a man dressed in furs, and who looked like he belongs in some sort of jungle, living with animals.

    "Turb, I cannot allow you to kill that man. I cannot allow you to kill any more innocent people, it's just not right."

    Turb was still a little surprised to see this odd looking person here, but he was seriously thinking about that the man was saying.
    He had realized that perhaps the job he has chosen to do was morally incorrect, but he couldn't refuse, unless he wanted to feel the true wrath of the Master...

    Turb looked the man in the eye. "It's not that simple, there's more here than you know..."

    The man stepped towards Turb and lifted his arm. He then looked at the guard, "You can leave now, I can handle this."

    The guard got up immediately and scrambled for the door.

    "My name is Fenris, I know you a lot more than you think, and I know that what you're doing here is wrong, even you yourself know that it's wrong."

    Turb was thinking about what Fenris was saying to him, he even thought about escaping from the Master's clutches and running away to some place where he didn't have to kill people and do things he didn't like. It was a dream that he never thought would be possible, the Master was just too powerful, it would be impossible to escape him without eventually getting caught.

    Fenris saw that Turb was feeling skeptical about this, he knew that he would be able to convince Turb to do this, since Turb had made this decision by himself before, but he just needed a little encouragement this time.

    "I'll help you escape from this place, I could help get far away from here, all you need to do is accept my help and to forget about your little jobs."

    Turb was contemplating his situation, he liked the idea of having a companion help him achieve his goal, and if the Master eventually caught up with him, maybe his new friend could help him out with that too.
    Turb nodded slowly at Fenris' direction.

    "I'll do it, where do we go? When can we leave?" Turb was fond of his new found confidence, and wanted to abandon this town immediately.

    Fenris smiled, "I know exactly where we have to go, but we have to leave now, I'm sure the others will be anxious to know what's going on with us..."

    Turb got excited, there were other people waiting for him? Maybe with these people he would be able to escape the Master and maybe even handle him.

    Turb followed Fenris out the palace, where he saw the dog that had been following him. Turb bent down to scratch the dog's ears.

    Fenris chuckled, "I see you already know my friend here. I summoned him up a while ago to keep an eye on you."

    Turb was curious about what Fenris meant by summoning, but there were more important matters right now. For the first time in his life he was escaping from the Master, and unlike the others who have tried in the past, he had people willing to help him do it. Turb liked the idea of doing something whenever he wanted, and not killing someone just because someone tells him to, and because he was scared of the consequences...

    They exited the town pretty soon, from the same place where Turb first came into the town, and were now walking in the open desert plains. Turb kept looking around to see signs of other people, to see if they were nearing their destination. It was too dark to tell if there was anything recognizable around, so he just followed Fenris.

    When the sun was beginning to rise, Fenris motioned in front of him. "There she is, I didn't think she would have been so far away..."

    Turb turned his gaze to the direction Fenris pointed at. There was an elder lady in a shawl, standing alone. She nodded briefly at Fenris, "Well done, he didn't go through with his mission, did he?"

    Fenris shook his head, "I was early enough to catch him before he got into the king's chamber, and I also stopped him from ending another life, so I guess that should be pretty good."

    "Yes, that's excellent, that could only help Turb's condition." Akara replied.

    Turb was standing there, listening to this lady. Was she the person that Fenris was talking about? Was it just her who was waiting for him?
    "Sorry to interrupt, but what are we about to do here?"

    Akara retrieved a purple scroll from one of her pockets. "This should be able to send us back to the encampment. I don't know about the others, but we'll just wait in the camp for their return, then you guys can tell them about everything, and you can continue your quest together."

    Turb liked the sound of that, there were actually other people, and apparently they would do some quest together, this sounded good to him.

    Akara opened up the scroll and started reading it's contents in a language Fenris and Turb didn't understand.
    All of the sudden, a large purple portal opened up.
    "Just step in there, I'll go last, so I can close the portal when we're all through."

    Turb looked at Fenris, then motioned for him to go first. Fenris stepped into the portal, and disappeared.

    "Go on Turb, it's alright." Akara whispered.

    Turb stepped into the portal, and felt a soothing sensation run all through his body.

    Turb's eyes widened immediately. He could see Akara smiling down at him, and Fenris was looking happy that his friend was alright.

    "Welcome back friend."


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    [Slam dunk Ken, fantastic job, lol. So if you're ending the dream there, I guess I'll get us back to forest.:grin:]

    The marching and clanking metal grew louder and louder as the five tried to make haste towards the warp point back in the middle of the clearing. Jenny had suddenly stopped running with the others and unlatched her bow in the middle of the dirt path. She knew that if the others had any chance of making it back to the encampment the enemy would have to be slowed down.

    "Jenny!" Zahra stopped and yelled to her, everyone now stopped and looked back to the young Amazon.
    "Go!" Jareth barked at the rest, "I will also stay behind to make sure this one makes it back".
    "And you Jareth?" Sigoth asked.
    "Do not worry my friends, we will be but a stride behind you all." He assured them. "Go! We can take care of ourselves!" Jareth ran down the dirt path at an incredible rate.

    The remaining three looked at each other.
    "We can't just leave them!" She cried.
    "We must!" Sigoth responded, almost reasoning with her.
    Zahra looked at Nahrim, hoping for him to reinforce her words.
    "Im sorry sister, but we must press forward..." Nahrim said uncertainly.

    Zahra looked upon Rien's face, although the verdict was unjust, she knew it to be true, there was little choice... Rien needed aid, and there was an unknown force persuing them. She decided there wouldn't be anyone left behind, not after what had happened before, not after the Countess had captured her. She could only imagine what they all felt when she had gone missing, she wasn't about to let that happen to anyone else. Rien was strong, but the wound was serious. Once they leave her in Akara's care, only then would they be able to return to help Jareth and Jenny.

    Zahra quickly turned, "im sorry... You're right..."
    Nahrim and Sigoth looked at each other, and without saying anything the three started on their way to the warp point once again. They had stood in that place for far too long, it had only been a few minutes, but they only had seconds, it was clear that the enemy was closing in. Jenny jogged a bit down the path and made her way into a cluster of trees to hide. At the moment that she stooped down, Jareth had made his way down the path and behind her.

    "What do you think you are doing!?" He asked sharply in a low whisper.
    Jenny gasped and spun about, In a low voice she said, "Jareth!?" she continued whispering, "How in the world did you get here so fast!?"
    Jareth, ignoring her, "Do you think you are brave!? Because in my eyes it seems similar to stupidity!" Jenny looked at him, insulted.
    "We need to slow the enemy down, and the person who has the least to lose is ME!" She explained.
    "No! We are a group now. Whether some of you like me or not, it is each our own duty to make sure that we are all there for each other!" He said, almost seeming sentimental.

    Jenny thought Jareth had sounded much wiser and older then he had seemed, the words came from him as though he had been through all sorts of times. If Jenny had to assume by the way he chose his words, he sounded at least 50 with a child as old as herself. She knew that just because a person spoke intelligently, didn't necessarily mean they were old and wise. Jareth was probably only in his late 20s, early 30s... She had never been one with words, but for her age she could still, dare she say, 'throw down with the best of them'. It was odd to have thoughts like this at such a time, since no one took the time to tell anything personal about themselves. To her all they knew about each other were names and expertise, looks and knowledge. Jareth opening up like this was a shock, maybe they could all get to know each other a bit better at the camp once they had time...

    "Come now, it's clear we are out numbered, and overrun, we would not even be able to slow enough of them down with just the two of us." Jareth said, hoping to talk some sense into the young amazon.
    "You're wrong!" She pressed.
    "Am I!?" he asked her, grabbing her arms and looking at her in the face.
    "Either way Jareth, its too late now..." She said, less intense.
    "They are here...!" she said with her eyes widened.

    Jareth looked behind them and saw shadows and movement ahead of where they hid. Escape seemed impossible now, even if they did try to hold them off and slow them down so the others could escape, the efforts would be useless. There were many of them, and only two to stop the ones on the path, Jareth's words were true, there would still be a handful to carry out the objective of capturing or killing.

    "I do not believe that we may make out of here alive... Im... Sorry that you had to come back for me Jareth...." Jenny told him and stood. Jareth looking at the young amazon pulling her bow to the ready and grabbing five arrows from the quiver. He thought to himself - they had to retreat, or at least try, Jareth didn't believe in the 'no-win' scenario.

    Jareth knelt on one knee, making the sign of the cross, "Guide me into the light..." Jareth said to the tree and branch shrouded sky.
    "Jareth, im sure his holiness will forgive you if we don't have time for a prayer! We must kill, or be killed!" She commanded.
    "No. We will live!" Jenny looked at him as light shone from the holy cross emblem on his chest plate.
    "What--" before Jenny could say what she was trying to say, she was swept up by Jareth and in his arms. The paladin spun around just as arrows hit the ground and surrounding trees, these were no normal enemies. To know Jenny's location before she even knew the enemies was unheard of and had never happened to her before. But while that thought lingered in her mind, she realized that they were talking, and they made some ruckuss, it wasn't that hard to hear a noise in the distance. As Jareth ran by with Jenny in his arms, she caught a glimpse of some of the enemies. They all seemed to have wearing a general outfit, uniform almost, as if they belonged to a tribe or similar group of some sort. But it was hard to tell since she was looking at very fast moving targets - she asked herself, 'why were they moving so fast?'

    Just then it hit her, it was Jareth, not the enemy. The man was moving at such an incredibly velocity that it was impossible for any human or these enemies to come close. If an arrow were to fly towards them right now, she would be able to stretch out her hand and grab it out of the air. She looked up at Jareth's face, it glistened with sweat, beading down from his forehead into his armor. This must be the cost of a Paladin using their skills... Exhaustion of the mind and body...

    Jenny looked to the path, the wind was passing by quite fast, so it was hard to keep the eyes open for very long. She realized that the warp point was coming up and told Jareth that he had to turn soon. Suddenly they began to slow down drastically and before they knew it Jareth was walking.

    Jenny hopped down from his arms.
    "Thats quite an interesting trick you've got there Jareth." She complimented him.
    "It--It... I-Is no trick....", he struggled to get the words out, "thr-through extensive training.... The body can accomplish many things..." He heaved as he finished the sentance.
    "Are you okay to keep going...?" She asked, worried.
    "Y-yes... Let us just walk to the warp point if that is alright with you..." Jareth suggested, looking exhausted and weak.
    "Ha ha ha ha! Oh, that should be fine!" She said as they turned and continued onward.

    A while later Zahra, Nahrim, and Sigoth had nearly reached the warp point themselves when they heard voices in the distance. Sigoth motioned his head forward pointing at the clearing and the warp point, as if saying 'lets continue on'. Zahra nodded and they continued, ignoring the voices, then they heard someone call out. The three were already near the warp point, a good distance away from the forested area, but that was where the voices were calling out from, it was where they had just been. They realized that it was none other then Jenny with Jareth following closely behind, Jareth seemed to have kept his word, they were indeed, 'but a few strides behind them'. Realizing the situation Sigoth made no delay and continued on, Rien in his hands, she was now sweating and her skin pale, it was clear, she was getting worse. Nahrim ran towards Sigoth as he kept onwards to the warp point and Zahra jogged behind him, while Jenny and Jareth had finally caught up. Sigoth, Zahra, Nahrim and Rien vanished into the blue light. Following their departure Jenny and Jareth stepped onto the familiar stone slab.


    It was nightfall at the encampment, the scenery didn't seem to have changed much from the Black Marsh, but it was probably because it didn't allow much sun into it anyways. Six were around the fire, Zahra sat back against Sigoth but lifted her head from his shoulder as he stood to stir the stew. Nahrim on Sigoth's right, reading his tome, and Jenny just to the right of him, spooning some stew into her mouth while curious about the contents of the odd book the Nahrim had. Jareth still seemed somewhat exhausted but he lay quietly next to the fire as it crackled, snapped, and shimmered off of his sword. Fenris sitting beside his wolf stroking him, while looking into the fire as if mezmerized, hypnotized by the fire. They were quiet.

    The silence was broken when Zahra looked to Fenris and asked, "how is Turb doing, did you guide him okay?"
    "Turb is resting now, I never realized how troubled his past was..." Fenris replied.
    Zahra looked on, Fenris's face was full of concern for his new friend, but Zahra was glad that they were both alive and well. She wondered how Akara knew such advanced alchemy and magics, she also seemed to be very knowledgeable about the minds anatomy. Zahra didn't know for a fact that Akara knew much about the human brain, but after being able to allow Fenris to "Dream Walk" and aid Turb, she must at least know what she was doing. Zahra read tomes back in Duncraig about Dream Walking and the dangers of it, if one didn't know how to bring the members involved back during a nightmare or traumatic time in the sleep cycle, the mind could be destroyed and lost forever. The people involved would be drooling empty shells. But as she thought earlier, she was just glad that everyone was around the fire, safe, Turb resting, still alive, Akara now looking after Rien...

    Thats right... Zahra had forgotten all about her - it had been about 4 hours since their return, and no word from Akara's yurt, not even any voices... The camp was conspicuously quiet, they hadn't even said anything to each other now for a little over an hour, save Zahra's outbursts of curiousity. It was a nice feeling to them, since the silence brought about thoughts, and it was a change from the constant fighting, running here to there like nomads. Sigoth thought of only one thing, the enemy they had run from. All his life he had never ran from a fight, he may have been short for a barbarian, but he never let anyone pick on him. But this was different... A new sensation... Feeling...

    He thought to himself, 'perhaps it is necessary to run in battle as a strategy', he knew it was the right thing to do, but it didn't feel right to him. Just then someone walked towards the group, it was Akara. Everyone stood and awaited anxiously as to what she had to say about Turb and Rien. Jareth always seemed as the neutral type, only caring about himself, if there was anyway to make it look like he was no threat to Rien, co-operating with the team may do the trick, standing for the news was a start. Akara stopped a few feet away from the fire, she stretched her hands out to warm them. They all stared, Sigoth thought that she just needed a rest, she may have had much more work to do.

    "May I offer you some food priestess?" Sigoth asked.
    "No, but thank you for asking, Sigoth" Akara replied, "My hands are a bit cold, I suppose im not as full of vigor as I once was", she chuckled.
    "Akara... What of Rien? Turb, is he back to normal?" Zahra asked, impatiently.
    "Do not worry child... Your companions are very much alive and well." Akara answered, Zahra now relieved, she turned to hug Sigoth. Zahra hugging Sigoth was always a funny sight because of the sorceress's size compared to the barbarian, her hands could barely wrap around and reach Sigoth's spine. Sigoth practically enveloped her in his arms. Akara motioned for everyone to take a seat, everyone now less tense and sitting back down around the fire, except Zahra whom was still standing, Akara looked to her and said, "You may go visit them tomorrow, but allow them to rest tonight". Zahra was hoping to visit the two now, but Akara answered her question before she could even ask it. Zahra finally sat back down.

    "Hey! Now that we all got our heads on right-" Jenny started saying, "and im still alive" she laughed.
    "What is it Jenny?" Nahrim asked, curiously, it seemed Zahra had been rubbing off on him.
    "Well... We know each other, right? But I feel we don't... KNOW, each other. We don't know everyone's story, why they're here and why we all decided to help each other." Jenny finally said.

    "Oh that is interesting young Jenny. But who shall go first?" Akara said.
    Someone spoke behind them, "As you all know-", They all turned.

    "My name... Is Turb."


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    Nharim shrugged at the idear of telling everyone his story... How would the react... Would they all react the same as the villagers did? No Nharim couldn't believe that. He had made friends and they were all nice to him. Besides he had grown in his necromantic powers and he felt a good asset to the group. "No" Nharim decided "If they want to know my story as well I will tell them!" Nharim, feeling relieved with his choice sad down and listened to the story of Turb!


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