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    How do you name your character?

    Well, the idea for this thread kinda came to me while reading Jude's 'How many characters do you have?': I'd like to know what people call their characters... For instance, I like to give them 'real names' like Michael, Richard or Jennifer, and occasionally a mythological name like Hera (Hydra sorc) and Hades (Fishymancer). Also, I like to use names I find in books; Seoman, Milamber and Miranda, to name a few. I value originality so I never use the same name twice (something I often regret when I need to come up with a new name for a char).

    Anyway, I'd be very interested in reading what people call their chars (and perhaps pick up a few I can use :uhhuh: )

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    Well i usually spend quite some time comming up with a name with a character , i try not too use chessy names apart from my mav zon which i named pit-runner ( i was tired when i made her )

    Most of my names comes from other games/books/t.v

    Examples Bastila/Dalton

    Some from a book i have taken were Delta and Echo ( From the Bourne Identity/Supremacy. Note not the movies but from the books.) Also Carlos.

    Also i use the greek Alphabet Delta/Alpha/Zeta these are the ones i have used so far may use some more.

    Others i called my hammerdin Al_Bundy

    Will add more later


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    Well, i sometimes name them after what class they are, like Meteorb and Avenger and stuff. I also have characters named after the sets they use, like mavina and Tal Rasha and stuff. And some i just create out of my head, like Scorched and My*****

    Naming a character has never really been a big deal for me.

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    I usually spend a long time coming up with names for my characters. I'm even prone to deleting characters (usually around level 20) and remaking them if I change my mind about the name I have given them.

    For example, the Amazon I'm playing right now started off as Kaethala, changed to Kathalua and now finally Daethala which I've stuck with. I know its only a tiny change, but I just feel Daethala is a more aesthetically pleasing name.

    I tend to find names used for fictional characters, get an idea for how they sound and then make my own from it. Like I've had a Necromancer called Raolath, a Paladin called Nikarus and Amazons called Alkara and Celestia to name a few. I went through a phase where I named my characters based on what they "did", like my Guardian Trappasin I had was called Darkstryke, and I had a Frostzealot called Lightfrost. Then I thought they sounded pretty terrible :lol:

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    My character names come mostly from fantasy/fiction books, like Entreri (assassin), Myrddin (druid), and Voldemort (necro). Others are historical, like Morgian the Sorceress. I tend to pick names that suite the type of character, but I don't spend an inordinate amount of time doing so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quicksilver
    I tend to find names used for fictional characters, get an idea for how they sound and then make my own from it. Like I've had a Necromancer called Raolath, a Paladin called Nikarus and Amazons called Alkara and Celestia to name a few.
    That's exactly how I use(d) to do it (+ the mythology thing): Arthur, Balduin, Faunus, Kanthor, Tasmana, Thor... I also have chars named after the set they wear, TalRahsa, Natlaya, etc., like Darkflight. I named my MF skellymancer "Jaegar", which is a wrong way of writing "Jäger", Hunter in german (hunts for items). Soon there will probably be some chars like "Crusher", "BoneThrower" and something like that, because I just feel like it and have run out of mythological sounding names!

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    hum names well the latest names i have used is


    the 6 versions of my amazon project has had the names


    version 6(see my matrarich thread) is named Mucai

    i tend to use the names i come up with when bored

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    I try and name my characters based on the build/class or a theme. Some names I have used are from books, some names from way back when I first played the original pen & paper Dungeons and Dragons at school. Ouch, thinking about that make me feel old. :(

    Some names & their origins:

    Alena - Sorceress. Character from the books, the Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant - The Unbeliever. My favorite books ever. She was the daughter of Lena (my dearly departed staffys name).

    ColdHeart - Blizzard sorc

    DeathBreath - Poisonmancer

    WitchyPoo - Sorceress. From the kids series of yesteryear H R Puffenstuff

    Roldar - Paladin. One of my D&D names. First three letters of my last name & first 3 letters of my first name.

    Darmeg - Paladin. First three letters of my name & first three letters of my partners name.

    BeerBreath - Barbarian. Drunken darts tourney character.

    SnuSnu - Amazon. From the Futurama episode "Amazon women in love". It is amazionian for sex :lol:

    I have also from time to time used girlfriend names.

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    Mine I take the build, then throw it through a translater into german, from there it maybe tweaked, but I love how german words sound/look so that is why I name my toons that way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maurice

    +15 points to your cool meter (I love those books)

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    Greek Mythology is the name of the game. For 1.1X anyways. 1.07 chars have spanish names, and 1.09 have varriants of mankey. I think I've done a fairly good job matching up names though.

    Achilles_OtN Talon/Traper Hybrid (Assassin)
    Aphrodite_OtN Meteorb (Sorceress)
    Arcas_OtN Aldur's Fire Claws Bear (Druid)
    Ares_OtN Frost Zealot (Paladin)
    Artemis_OtN Hybrid Dexizon (Amazon)
    Asclepius_OtN Trang's Poison Nova Summoner (Necromancer)
    Athena_OtN Fendazon (Amazon)
    Boreas_OtN WindWalker (Druid)
    Cratos_OtN Iron Zerker (Barbarian)
    Cronus_OtN Martyr (Paladin)
    Hades_OtN Overlord Necro (Necromancer)
    Hecate_OtN Nats MA Sin (Assassin)
    Hephaestus_OtN Hammerdin (Paladin)
    Hera_OtN Tal's Tri-elemental (Sorceress)
    Heracles_OtN IK Whirly Barb (Barbarian)
    Hermes_OtN BK Frenzy Barb (Barbarian)
    Hestia_OtN Melee Enchantress (Sorceress)
    Hippolyta_OtN M'avina's Frost Maiden (Amazon)
    Pan_OtN Fury Werewolf (Druid)
    Persephone_OtN Blizzard Sorc (Sorceress)
    Polyhymnia_OtN TS/ DT Kicker (Assassin)
    Poseidon_OtN Griswold's Avenger (Paladin)
    Thanatos_OtN Bone Necro (Necromancer)
    Zeus_OtN Lightning Trapper (Assassin)


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