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    Is this a legit email from

    I got this email from "", i guess someone want to steal my account.... :

    A change of e-mail address attempt has been generated for your
    account. Please respond to this message to verify that you
    initiated this request. When responding to this e-mail, ensure
    that the unmodified body of this e-mail is included.

    The new e-mail address for your account will be

    If you did not request a change of e-mail address for your
    account, forward this e-mail to:


    Blizzard Entertainment


    What if it's a scam... is there an danger to forward my email to this addy?(



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    Just ignore it. That's my motto.

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    You've got mail! It's not spam!

    Any unsolicited e-mails that ask you to confirm information are generally scams (but you already suspected that, right?)

    Follow Kireiray's advice and delete it.

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    why not look on the bnet site and look for a good spot to forward the mail you recived to see what is up

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    I think someone was just trying to mess around with your account, change email ETC. I would just change my password, and then forward it to

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    Someone wanted to change your email to theirs so they could change your password and stal your account. Probobally one of your friends. Ask around for their email adresses and find which one of em tried to change yours. Then chew them out.

    It looks like an official blizz email, when u change your password they don't do it unless u respond by sending an email back. You can ignore it or you can forrward it.

    I dont think you will need to change your account pass either.

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    IMO it might indeed be an email from bnet. I guess somebody found out the password of your account and now he tries to change your email address for notifications. If you confirm that, the next step of that guy would be changing the password. If he does that, no email about that will be going to you. That guy probably doesn't just want to steal your items (which he might already have done, in case he fails with the attempt to change your email address), he also wants to take over your characters.

    I never changed my email address, so I don't know how official bnet emails about that look like. To find that out, try to change the email address of your account as well and look what kind of email it produces.

    You could also send an email to the mentioned hotmail account in which you politely ask that guy something unsuspicious about Diablo. Don't flame him, but try to find out a little about his bnet activities.

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    As long as you don't have any problem with your email registration / D2 accounts, you just gotta ignore such mails. As simple as that !

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    It looks real to me, but there would be an easy way to find out:

    1. create acc

    2. register that acc to your e-mail

    3. change the e-mail the acc is registered to

    If the steps above generates an e-mail like the one above you can be sure that someone is trying to steal your account.

    - D.J.

    Edit: why it looks real is because the e-mail does not ask for your password.

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    I got an e-mail exactly like this a while back, the only difference being that I actually recognized the new e-mail address as belonging to a person on my friend list so I'm pretty sure it's real. Of course he denied knowing anything about it :rolleyes:

    Also found this on

    If you receive an un-requested email from account recovery, please forward the email to the "recovery abuse" address included in the password recovery email.

    Edit: Spelling
    Edit2: Just thought I'd say that I did forward the e-mail as it said to do and nothing happened to my account, I'm still using the same pw as I was then.


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