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    Act 5 glitch?

    I heard about this glitch where you can go on to baal without killing ancients. Sorry if this is well known but I was just wondering how it works.

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    Be partied and in act5 while someone who needs the baal quest is in the throne room. If baal dies while he is in there, and he get's quest, you also get the quest.

    -You must be partied
    -You must be somewhere (anywhere) in act5
    -The person MUST need quest, and MUST be in the world stone chamber.

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    Here's how it works. Low level char makes a game and waits until a char that is capable to completing the Baal quest joins. A high level char parties with the low level and the guy that needs the Baal quest. The high level kills Baal while the low level waits in town. The guy that needed the quest gets the quest, and the low level gets to go to the next difficulty level without having to kill ancients.


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