first thing for me tonight- i shattered one of those guys tied to a pole in hell. Is that a common occurence for any of you?

i thin they are called trapped souls. they are in the M.E. mod they are anyway.

So i'm playing my first paladin build (aka Dunadan) and i have a couple questions about pally skill behaivor.

I've looked up some posts and know that the charge can result in getting stuck but so:

in d2 vanilla, is charge viable at higher levels? after getting into Hell (Valar) difficulty, CB and magik damage seem to be the real *** kickers, so i'm experimenting with Charge and Fist(ing) of the Heavens with Holy Freeze to make slamming everyone to death a viable tactic.

Second, it seems that when i get CB'd from say, one of those serpent folk, Charge shoots me off in reverse until i click on a new spot- then charge works again. Is that a bug too or a safety feature?

Sacrafising the lamb and burning incense at the SPF oracle,