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    A quartet of Paladins.

    It takes different things for the older players to keep an interest in this game. For some it is collecting the holy grail. For others it might be getting a character to level 99, or playing hardcore, the list goes on and on for what players do to keep an interest in this game.

    So, what keeps my interest in this game?


    It has been my aim to have a stable of uberdins. Four powerful paladin characters all equipped and ready to go into action at any one time.

    So, with out further ado, I would like to introduce you to;

    Maxamillian. - Schaeferdin.

    My original Zealot from v1.09 (and even earlier). The original character was retired and a new character bearing the same name was created to make better use of v1.10 synergy skills.

    Level - 91.
    Damage - 1672 - 4549 (1958 - 5345) @ 8/4 fps
    Attack rating - 9650
    Defence - 2056 (11,513)
    Life - 1033
    Resistances. All 75%
    Stats. 253, 138, 225, 15.
    Skills - Zeal, Sacrifice, Fanatism, Holy shield = 20 each.

    Surprisingly, Maxamillian uses all of the original namesakes v1.09 equipment as this was found to be very effective in v1.10.

    - Schaefers hammer c/w Ohm rune.
    - Highlords wrath amulet.
    - Raven frost ring.
    - Crafted 10% life leech, cold & poison resists, stats ring.
    - Griswolds heart armor c/w 3 x 15% ias jewels.
    - Herald of Zakarum (199% ed) c/w um rune.
    - Laying of hands gloves.
    - Gore rider boots.
    - String of Ears belt. (8/13/15)
    - Might mercenary (damage in brackets)

    Aramis - Avenger.

    Easily the most expensive set up and perhaps the strongest avenger on these boards. Aramis is a destroyer of everything he encounters and my equal favorite paladin to play for obvious reasons.

    Level - 88.
    Damage - 3458 - 4672 (3984 - 5345) @ 8 fps
    Attack rating - 5040
    Defence - 1816 (7445)
    Life - 1131.
    Resistances - 80,80,80,75.
    Stats - 240, 165, 235, 15.
    Skills - Vengeance, Conviction, Holy shield = 20 points each. Resistance synergies = 11,11,10.

    Griswolds entire set c/w 2 x ohm, 2 x um, 4 x ias jewels.
    Cresent moon amulet.
    Carrion Wind ring.
    Bul kathos wedding band ring.
    String of ears belt.
    Blood fist gloves.
    War travellers boots.
    Might mercenary (damage in brackets)

    Torm. - Hammerdin

    What is a stable of paladins with out a hammerdin? Torms damage is quite low for a "ubered" cheezadin, because he is currently set up for magic find.

    Level - 87
    Blessed hammer damage = 8931 - 9024
    Defence - 1754 (8506)
    Life - 1322
    Mana - 529
    Resistances - all 75%
    Stats - 157, 144, 322, 22
    Skills - Blessed hammer, Vigor = 20. Blessed aim = 18. Holy shield = 10.

    Heart of the oak flail
    Harlequin crest helm c/w p topaz
    herald of zakarum shield c/w p diamond
    mara's kaliedascope amulet
    nagel ring
    Raven frost ring
    Chance guards.
    war travellers.
    arachnid mesh belt
    Skin of the viper magi.
    Holy freeze mercenary.

    Talos. - Tesladin.

    A last minute entry to the stable of uber dins, seeing as to how well this build does in v1.10. easily the least expensive of the four builds, which I am glad of to say the least!

    level - 84
    damage - 548 - 5077 (765 - 5342) @ 8/4 fps
    attack rating - 3144 (4202)
    Defence - 2519 (13728)
    Life - 1002
    Resistances - 90, 90, 95, 90
    Stats - 200, 137, 220, 24
    Skills - zeal = 10, sacrifice = 12, Holy shield = 20, Lightning resist = 20.

    Cresent moon phase Blade.
    Steal skull helm c/w ias jewel.
    Guardian angel armor uprated c/w um rune
    Herald of Zakarum c/w um rune
    String of Ears belt.
    Raven frost.
    Rare life leech ring, stats & resists.
    highlords amulet.
    Lava gout gloves. (adjusted attack rating in brackets)
    Might mercenary (damage in brackets)

    No, I wonder what kind of paladin to make for number 5?

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    You're missing out on the mighty frost zealot...Or the teslafrostadin, both should be great fun to play


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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodeous
    No, I wonder what kind of paladin to make for number 5?
    OOO OOO make a Cleric OOOO OOOO (O_o)

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    reading the equipment of your paladins is like browsing through a Rolex catalogue.

    great characters and stunning gear!

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    Wow!! I like them all!

    Let's see, is ther another "uber build"? Dunno, but if you like Paladins that much, you could also make less uber builds. Try to build a frostadin and a firedin and maybe and FoHdin. Should kill some time!

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    elemental zealot!
    basically, conviction as main aura, with a big elemental dmg wep. and zeal.
    ask frosty for advice, he has one i think.

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    Build a Lasher of Storms (just give some zealot a lash, will ya )!

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    Good to see another paladin fan still around, how's life treating you Asmodeus?

    I personally like smiters, they don't have much in terms of crowd control, but you can make an effective Meph runner out of one for example, just give him Dracul's grasp and he'll be immortal, if you don't get IM'ed Failing that, and if you're keen on zealots (as it seems), a frost zealot is a good choice too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amiral
    elemental zealot!
    basically, conviction as main aura, with a big elemental dmg wep. and zeal.
    ask frosty for advice, he has one i think.
    Mine's an avenger. The convicted zealot is still in progress.

    Nice work btw.

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    Congrats in the paladins

    2 hands Zealot, i'm doing one and is very cool.


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