Passive Builds
Anna Goanna's Story - by Superdave

PvP Guides:
Hunt3r_kill4 's PVP Poison Ama Guide

Darius_pauls PVP Jabberzon Guide

Fallen's PvP Bowazon Guide

Liquid_Evil's PvP Sidewinder (PJ, CS, GA, v1.0) Guide

Wuben's PlagueAmazon Guide

Tinncann25's Light Javazon PVP guide

Gimmershred's PvP Guide for Fuzzydodgers (Bearamazons)

PvP "Hybrid" Amazon by Tienje

PvM Guides:

Dacar's Poor Man's Guide to Strafe Frozen Arrow

Kijya's Gunslinger Guide

Ava'a Daggerzon Guide

Fire/Cold zon build by Muffinman, v2.0beta

An idea for a Mav strafezon, by rainsnow

Ugla's Fury Amazon Guide for 1.11

Fishyzon Guide

Nidlav's PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide

Freyas' FA Guide

Jek's Lightning Ama Guide

chipmc's Witchwild String Strafeazon Guide

Shanksies v1.10 Pit Strafer Guide

Crash's Multi/Magic/LF Guide

XZON's LF/CS Guide

Medusa the Amazon - A Guide by Bubonous

PvM Multi/Strafe/LF/CS Hybrid with a faithful mercanary - by Kijya

MEDUSA-zon! by Wmeredith

Palazon Battlemaid Guide by Sokar Rostau

Flux's Complete LF Javazon Guide for 1.09

Rylix's Bowazon Guide

KremBananX's Amazon with Windforce and A1 FaithMerc Guide

Melee Amazon Guide by Flayed one

BlushNine's Ice Maiden Guide

Lonewolf's Sniperzon Guide From 2004 but pretty cool, still.

Useful Information and strategy:

Faster Run/Walk Info

Kijya's Amazon Tables--chock full of information and statistics. This the Go-To Thread for Amazon information

Impale vs. Jab

Citybird's WWS Socketing Guide

Throwing Weapon Durability

Fend and D/A/E Bug Info

Do poison charms cancel out Critical strike?

faith fanatism aura differences

Zon Item Fund---Post here if you have something to give away!

Bowazon Vs Tristram Triplets

Sasja's Bow comparison on physical damage output for the pitrunning Strafeazon

Deced's In-Depth Bow Comparison: The Numbers

Strafe IAS Guide

General Amazon Info and FAQ

Guide to Altering Items in Game Not Hacks

Facts and Formulae Archive

An explanation and analysis of next-delay for strafe

Gaza's Merc Guide

SuperDave's Crafting Guide

v1.11 Discussion for Zons

Valk Info

Item Generation Tutorial

Wmeredith's Runewords and Bows. A mini-guide.

Javelin Breakpoints

Javelin Throwing Breakpoints

Weapon/Merc choice for Bowazon

Faith's Fanaticism and how it affects IAS

June 4, 2013: Added a Faster Run/Walk thread
November 7, 2008: Added Lonewolf's Sniperzon Guide.
August 6, 2008: Added Dacar's Poor Man's Guide
July 18, 2008: Added the Impale vs. Jab thread that was stickied forever.
July 17, 2008: Added Citybird's WWS Socketing Guide
April 24, 2008: Added Kijya's Gunslinger Guide
April 8, 2008: Muffinman's updated guide is added--original here
Feb. 12, 2008: added Ava's Daggrzon Guide
Jan 26, 2008: added Ugla's Furyzon guide for 1.11. Also added a Strafezon wearing Mavs and Muffinman's Firs/Cold build--all in the PvM section. Added Kijya's Tables to the Useful info section today.
Jan. 8, 2008: added BlushNine's Ice Maiden Guide to the PvM section. Also Fend and D/A/E Bug Info and Throwing Weapon Durability info to the Useful Info section
September 22, 2007: Added Superdave's Anna Goanna story.
Aug. 15, 2007: First update in a while. Added Tienje's PvP zon guide today.
May 29, 2007: Due to popular demand, added the Fishyzon Guide.
May 9, 2007: Added thread titled "Do poison charms cancel out critical strike?"
Feb. 10, 2007: Added Faith Fana BP's.
Jan 21, 2007: Added the Zon Item Fund Thread to the "Useful" section
Jan. 18, 2007: Added Flayed One's Melee Zon Guide.
September 21, 2006: Changed Wmerideth's Bow guide with his new version.
Also added Tinncann's PvP guide and Gimmershred's PvP Fuzzy Belly Button guide.
August 24, 2006: Added KremBananX's Amazon with Windforce and A1 FaithMerc Guide
August 3, 2006: Added Rylix's Bowazon Guide to the PVM section.
July 13, 2006: Added Flux's LF Javazon Guide. Although for 1.09, it is still a good read.
July 4, 2006: Added tables to show how fanaticism affects IAS-Thanks Flayed One
June 5, 2006: Added some weapon/merc information for Bowazons in the strategy section
April 24, 2006: Added Sokar Rostau's Palazon Battlemaid Guide to PvM section.
April 17, 2006: Added Javelin throwing BP's.
March 15, 2006: Added Wmeredith's Medusa-zon and Wuben's PlagueAmazon Guide to the build guides below.
Feb. 25, 2006: Added Kyjia's PvM Multi/Strafe/LF/CS Hybrid with a faithful mercanary
January 8, 2006: Added the Medusa Amazon Guide by Bubonous. Thanks to Yogirat for digging it up.
December 30, 2005: Added Javelin weapon speed BP's to useful info section
December 12: Added Wmeredeth's Bow Runeword Guide to this list, in the useful info section
October 10: Thanks to Citybird for finding the Item Generation Tutorial. If you have nothing better to do, give it a read!
September 30: Added Bowazon Vs Tristram Triplets to the Useful Info and Strategy section
September 22, 2005: Added Sasja's Bow comparison on physical damage output for the pitrunning Strafeazon.
August 22, 2005: Added link to thread concerning Valk gear/colors/weapons
August 8, 2005: Added Liquid Evil's Guide to the PvP section. Not in Strategy Compendium yet.
Also, added the v1.11 discussion thread and unstuck it.
June 29, 2005: The PvP guides have been added to the Stratgey Compendium. :clap: