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    Re: The Corrupted Televangelist

    Wouldn't some monsters in Hell difficulty be a little overwhelming to this build? For example Hell Gloams in the WSK are lightning immune. If you revive a Gloam it's going to spend most of it's time shooting other Gloams with Lightning. You can try and cast Lower Resist on the Gloams, but I tried it and even with a level 7 LR spell their immunity was not broken. Thorns has no effect on a Gloams lightning spell and Gloams rarely come up for a mele move and when they do it is still very low damage in comparison to other monsters. What are you gonna do when your revives start to drop and Gloams are the only type of monster around? The merc and the golum are probably not going to like that wery well.

    Just an idea.

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    Re: The Corrupted Televangelist

    This build is nuttier than Chinese chicken salad.

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    Re: The Corrupted Televangelist

    After reading thru this whole thread I'm surprised nobody mentioned that except for bosses Clay is the 2nd worst golem for this build. The IG is definitely the poorest choice but with the slowing effect and a CG's 25% physical resistance, plus having the lowest damage It really is on of the worst choices for questing. With the new patch a BG would be amongst the better choices. They no longer share damage with the necro but do share the healing. They do a good bit more damage then the clay, and you can heal them by drinking a pot yourself {30% goes to the golem + any you don't need}. It was mentioned that a FG is no more a monster magnet then other golems and at low levels that is true. They are all at the same threat level for monster AI to attack them. Where the difference comes in is at higher levels where their aura pulse has a larger radius.

    These are minor points but things I have found playing this build and other necro's. I also like a point in bone wall. It doesn't last long but does act like a mini attract curse and will clump mobs up so that the CE+ amp is more efficient. You can cast it near the edge of the screen and by the time your bunch gets to it they're clumped for the killing.

    First round is on me!



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