Yep, I finally had enough Mephing, and decided to make it official.

Lev 86 Sorceress

Stats (buffed):
str 105 (122)
dex 235 (242)
vit 145 (162)
nrg base (42)

75% block

*Killing Setup*

Harley PT
Guardian Angel
Wizspike/Mosers 2xPD
2x SoJ
War Travs
Gheed's + random MF/life SC's

Life: 632
Energy: 719

Rez: 90/95/90/90

*MF setup (~500%)*

Harley PT
Artisan's Ancient Armor of the Whale (+91 Life, 3xPT)
Wizspike/Moser's 2xPD
Gull/Rhyme on switch (boss kill)
2x Nagelring
Chance Guards
War Travs
Gheed's + random MF/life SC's

Life: 723
Mana: 550

Rez: 75/75/75/75 (all negatives on switch)


Act2 NM Holy Freeze
Level 86

Guillaume's Face
Duriel's Shell
Bonehew 2xAmn (immunes)
Kelpie Snare Amn (bosses)

Skills (kill gear):

1 (8) Warmth

1 (7) Telekinesis
1 (7) Teleport
9 (15) Static Field

1 (7) Frost Nova
4 (10) Ice Bolt
20 (26) Ice Blast
20 (29) Glacial Spike
20 (28) Blizzard
20 (26) Cold Mastery

Blizzard: 3168-3350
Static Field: 12.6 yards

Ancients were easy. Everything was easy. Even CI's were easy once I got the Bonehew. Baal is SUPER EASY with Kelpie, he just stands there and dies.

I just teleported to safety, SF'ed everything on the screen down to 1/2, then Blizz until it all fell down. Like I said, easy. Act2 mercs rock, HF even chills CI's.

First off, thanks to Catch for writing the Blizz sorc guide and showing me the synergies. I'd like to thank Nightfish for listening to me whine, and teaching me that Static Field is best when it hits everything on the screen. Oh yeah, and for teaching me that ANYTHING is hell-able, even a stupid single tree sorc that refuses to park monsters.

Now to find a use for all those Azurewraths and Stormshields I found...hmm