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    Re: Guide: The PVP Energy Shield Sorceress (Finally done)

    ok this is from 2004.. there had been many changes to d2lod stop asking questions here it's outdated.

    95%es suffers too much damage wise to use a blocking shield in stead of spirit but a lower es like ~75%es can be made to block.

    Try to get it on memory prebuff staff but not worth extra points.

    Level 17 cold mastery has -100% cr but to lower your opponents resist to -100% you'll need a lot more to all the way maxing it. Commonly every build will have over max resist so you'll need -175 on average.

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    Re: Guide: The PVP Energy Shield Sorceress (Finally done)

    If it's outdated, why is it used as a guide? what do you mean 90% es suffers too much damage? What about my frozen armor, chilled armor question?? ):

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    Re: Guide: The PVP Energy Shield Sorceress (Finally done)

    What he means about the damage suffering is: to get 95% ES, you need to put lots of emphasis into your defensive skills (ES and it's synergy: TK) - so your attack spells can suffer a lack of damage because you've spent so many points on your ES. If you spend less on ES and pursue max-block, you can do just as well defensively (roughly) but maintain a more powerful attack.

    And I agree with sweetalmonds that level17 mastery isn't likely to consistently do very much in PvP - many folks carry an extra ~100 cold resists to help them against cold sorcs. In order to really drag down their resists (and therefore cause a lot more damage) you probably need to pursue a lot higher level of CM. If I were to try a cold sorc in PvP, I'd definitely spend a full 20 hardpoints into my cold mastery.

    I don't PvP enough to be very knowledgeable, but a lot of PvP sorcs use some form of cold armor. Chilling is probably the most common.

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    Re: Guide: The PVP Energy Shield Sorceress (Finally done) der=0></ifra

    Nice guide. BUt should i go for a ES/FO sorc or a pure fireball sorc IN DIABLO 2 CLASSIC? Im thinking of reset my stuff.


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