Alright, this thread is dedicated to an idea I had while lurkin' and waitin' for a Realm Down to go away.

The time is nigh to destroy Softcore play - specifically Baal runs. :clap: These people get all the attention from Blizzard and letter writing campaigns are just not going to work. The only way you are ever going to eliminate TPPK methods is to get Blizzard to listen to these people.

Why are we doing this? Because we will not be ignored! That's why!

We need a name. I came up with CDS, which is the Coalition to Destroy Softcore. Sounds very much like a PAC, so any other ideas are great.

Try to do it without use of hacks, we can discuss methods here.

The idea is very simple: Join Baal runs (any difficulty), and PK them using TPPK methods - preferably the ones that will annoy the most party members at the same time. Then you should attempt to pick up and steal all gold and camp their bodies. Ideally, you want to get them all killed by monsters so that they lose 10% experience, and then corpse guard preventing them from reclaiming 5% of their xp. Further, you want to steal all gold if possible.

You should always mention to them to REPORT YOUR ACTIVITY TO BLIZZARD. Performing these two activities at the same time and consistently will seriously piss them off because they are all about their XP and their gold.

You should try to target the highest levels you can if you are using Bone Necros. Blizzard sorcs can waste entire parties.

It should be a simple process, these people build the poorest builds you can think of. They have little life, barely positive resistances.

If you need gear, we can discuss that in channel. I have a high level that can gamble +2 skill and +3 tree ammies and circlets. Best way to go actually. I also have an Enchantress so we can level them all very very fast. Also, since we are all Hardcore normally, we should communicate on gears needed for various builds.

Oh yeah, the way we keep score? Gold. If you need it gambled just let me know, my character can gamble it for you unless you want to invest the time hitting 89 or 90 to get a shot at decent ammies.

All are welcome, and Softcore players that are sympathetic to our cause may join. Keep in mind this is not a "free gear" clan, we're build characters good enough to kill en mass, not get rich.

You can expect a ton of laughs and lots of fun. Make em squirm! With any luck we will get all the most devastating of TPPK attacks removed from the game.