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    Ele Druids are gettin easier and easier for me, they are too slow to even catch up to you. THe best way to beat em is get Act 1 merc like you said but dont use WF, use open wounds. Mercs, especially act 1, are way too weak to do some real damage, so I suggest open wounds, and it works wonders. I just tele and they get sick of it and give or i kill em, make sure you kill his summons with orb so your merc's arrows HIT him instead of the summons.

    Act 1 Merc (Dont even bother Levelin it from Norm, waste of time and its only like +100 life? + You only use it against ele druids so Its pointless)
    -Riphook (35% open wounds, Shael it if you want)
    -Duress or Toothrow (33% and 40% respectively)
    -CoA? I really dont even use a helm, I think i use a useless valk wing lol, get a helm with some resists or something.

    Oh yea the trapper problem I THOUGHT i had, hahaha I dueled 3 l337 trappers with God gear and crushed em all, they beat me 3v1 though :yep:

    Iono I'm gettin bored of my e-shield sorc owns too many people (not even joking) and its *** because its so hard to beat absorbers/stackers. Now that im in a clan and clan regulations are to duel in nm, its even worse for me. OH WELL, IM THINKIN ABOUT MAKIN A TRAPPER OR KEEPIN MY ORBER you help me choose, heehe.

    advantages: Fast, Cheaper (to build), Owns Everyone
    disadvantages: Absorb, Clan Duels, Stackers, Owns everyone

    advantages: High damage, MIND BLAST LOCK, 5 traps, LURE, hehe
    disadvantages: Slow, Expensive, i heard loses to necros and zons like nothing


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    ok this is starting to get me mad and frustrated..

    i have 20 Fhr on my pvp Es / Fo sorc..

    when i duel a trapper. If i get hit, i get so stuned that i can't teleport any longer.

    how much Fhr do u reccommend at all times? 40%? more??? plz explain sombody..

    o btw

    Special thx to andy chrono for showing me this build.. it pwns an awful lot..

    puts those bliz sorcy to shame.

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    Ah! The rules have changed and now the max is 40% cold skill damage. Perfect fathom with facet is usable after all. :drool:

    On the other side, other characters can have more cold absorb, but less resist. Also, sorcs with es cannot have more than 0 life replenish. I guess that makes for good balancing. :scratch:

    Allright, ya guys, help me out with my setup:

    Armor: Vipermagi socket:?
    Weapon: Death's Fathom
    Shield: Whistans socket:? / stashed: Lidless socket:?
    Belt: Arachnid
    Helmet: Shako socketed with a cold facet. /Stashed: Nightwing's
    Boots: Waterwalks
    Rings: Sojs
    Gloves: Frosties
    Amulet: Tal's / Stashed: Mara's

    The shield I use depends on my matchup, ie. vs. sorc I'll equip lidless. Helmet and amulet I will switch to the stashed one whenever I'll play a casual with my friends, or duel in a pubby.

    Should I put sur's and sapphires in the stuff? Or something else? Bear in mind I can't have any life replenish.



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    Also, once I'm done maxing fo, cm, tk, and es, where do I dump? My points? I'm thinking icebolt, (Me like big damage), but Warmth was an option.

    What are the tradeoffs? Translation: Why shouldn't I dump into ice bolt?

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    I would go with icebolt. More damage is better and with those +skills and all that mana, you should regenerate fast enough.

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    I decided to make one these sorcs, reminds me of the ol 1.09 sorc that tanked everything! Barbs would WW empty on you, even with eth bug rune. This new sorc is alot of fun, but I starting to realize that trappers will never be beat, light sorcs just as dangerous. These high output attacks just wreck the mana, and I'm sure one stream of lighting hits more than one time itself like the gloams do.

    The only thing I was concerned with was going agaisnt zons. You need that dex, for max block. Doesn't matter how much mana you have. And Bnet is so laggy right now that tele skills are really screwed, but I'm a tank kind of person. And what the hell is this sorc for, then to tank? So I just sit down in front of zon and see whos tougher. The zons dodge agaisnt my mana. Zon wins cause of my occy limited orb. A fathom 1k plus orb though? I like my chances.

    The great thing about this sorc is that it reduces all enemies damage by 32%. Just the fact that you are a ES sorc, makes 32% of their damage erased before its even released.

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    32% thats it?

    mine isn't maxed and mine is 76%.

    i also have 2.4k mana with 1k-1.2k damage.

    u need to add more skills to energysheild to see any sort of difference.

    with mine now its like 3/4 mana eat/1/4 life. which is good.

    i tank necro's bone spears now. last i checked i tanked a 3.5k damage bone spear 14 times. before i died.

    with sprirt it was 9 then i died.

    and yes, i think trappers are one of the hardest duels. Wind druid are impossible. as are teleporting on top of u players, Ie: Ww asassin, hammerdins..

    the main thing is to not get teleported on top of. But Trappers are very hard.

    the light stunns me and i can't figure out y.

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    Dec 2003
    That's all the help I guess I need. I'll start building it in September. Thanks guys!

    ...continue your discussions...

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    I'll give 1 main objection why not to built FO PvP sorc...
    black cloack luna shield nulify effect ANY damage of FO... you simply wont able do any damage.
    As far as I know only blizzard able deliver more or less visible damage in PvP (because of first icicle bug) - aka first hit cannt be absorbed same true for orb but compare 1500 (before PvP/resistance) from shard of orb with 14K per icicle (before PvP/resistance) from blizzard.
    Second objection against orb - is fact that its extremely sensitive to targeting while blizzard you can drop and foget about it - you need be in very certain position and distance in order to make FO do full damage (up to 14 shards per target)

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    Re: PvP Frozen Orb / Energy Shield sorceress. Need some advice. der=0>

    I got question:

    What does it mean by energy shield is applied before any resistance?

    Can someone pls explain this to me?


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