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    Quote Originally Posted by Rekoc View Post
    vouche 10x chars.!
    Why are you preparing? You're always preparing. Just go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AzaZaz View Post
    I detest people joining my public games where I am clearly there to pk and thinking that they have a right to go out into the public and kill monsters for experience.

    Diablo is a game meant for killing other people, the ability to level and find items is an added feature that people should be considered lucky to use.

    These silly anti social kids who would rather fight computer generated monsters then interact with other living people are morally dejected and should seek help.

    Sound familiar?

    I vote that the mods delete the last 15 or so posts and we pretend like none of this was ever said in this thread so that it does not have to be shut down for being ridiculously redundant and repetative.
    *comic guy voice*
    Best pro pk arguement ever!


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