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As a follow up and a different copy from aj2000. I have made my own East Guide, but things shouldnt be alot different.

The purpose of this guide is for people who are new to hardcore trading that doesnt want to get ripped. which is what i see around here. Any comments/suggestions are welcomed, as long as they are on topic.

First thing
60-70x P-gems = Um
Soj = Vex

Tyrael's Might= Vex++++++++++++++
Eth Steel Carapace= Ist-Gul
The Gladiator's Bane= Ko
Ormus(only considering the good skills one)= Um-Mal
Skins= Ko-Um
Duriel's Shell= Ko-Fal
Ga = Pul
Shaft = Pul-Um
Skullders = Mal+
Valor = Um-Mal+
Eth Valor = Ist-Gul
Levithan = Um-Mal
Temps Might = Um-Mal
Eth Temps = Gul-Vex


Ballista = Ko
Eth Runemaster = Um-Mal
EagleHorn = Pul
Barnars = ko
Tomb Reaver = Um-Ist
Eth Tomb Reaver= Gul-Vex
Reapers Troll = Pul
Eth Reapers= Gul
Eth Bonehew= Gul
Heavens Light = Pul-Um
Asterons = Um
Ondals = Pul-Mal
Ls = Ko-Pul
Estuchas = Pul-Um
Deaths Fanthom = Gul-Zod
Bartucs = ko-Lem
Titans = ko-Lem
Eth Titans= Mal-Gul
Eth Tucs= Um
Lacerator= Pul
Eth Lacerator= Um
Gull Dagger= Fal
Shaffer's= Mal
Stormclash= Um-Mal
Boneshade= Um-Mal
Death's Web= Um-Ist
Azurewrath= Um-Mal
Doom= Pul-Um
GrandFather= Um-Mal
Eth DeathCleaver= Ist-Vex
WindForce= Mal


Wartravs 40-50 = Mal-Ist
WaterWalks = Pul
Eth Treks = Um
Marrows = Pul-Um
Shadow Dancers = Lem-Pul
Gorerider= Lem


Chancies = Shael-Lum
Magefists = Shael-Hel
Frostys = Shael-Hel
Dracs = Lem-pul
Drainers = ko-Pul
SteelRends= Mal-Gul


String = Shael-Lum
Anarchnid = Mal
Dungos= Um-Mal
Tgods= Um


Lidless = Ko
Mosers = Lem
Gerkes = Lem-Pul
StormSheild = Ist- Gul
Homunculus = Um
BoneFlame 3/30 = Ist
Spirit Ward= Mal-Ist
Eth vortex shield with 40 resis= Vex


Shako = Ist
Peasants = Lum-Ko
SteelSkull = Hel-Lem
Gaze = Pul-Mal
Nightwings = Um-Gul
Andys = Pul
GiantSkull = Um-Ist
Jalas = Pul
Cerebus = Lum
Ravelore = Um
Griffons = ISt-Vex
Kiaras = Pul-Um
Arreats= Pul-Um
COA= Mal-Vex


+1 Pally Offensive = Um
+1 Pally Defensive = Pul
+1 Pally Comabt = Ist
+1 Bow = Ko
+1 Java = Mal
+1 Sorc Lit = Pul
+1 Druid Elemental = Um
+1 Assa Traps = Um
+1 Fire = Mal-Ist
+1 Cold = Mal-Ist
+1 WC = Mal-Ist
+1 P&B= Mal-Ist
+1 WC/Pally CB/Fire/Cold + Life = Ist+++++
+1 SS= Pul
Gheeds = Lem-Mal
Anni = Um-Gul
vita/shimmering/mf sc= Varies(if a charm has two of the three then its worth alot)


5/5 Cold Facet = Mal
5/5 Fire Facet = Mal
5/5 Psn Facet = Pul
5/5 Lit Facet = Um
+15 Max lvl 18 req = Lem-Pul
+9 MAx lvl 8 Req = Ko-Lem


Maras = Ist-Vex
Soj = Vex
Raven = Lem-Um
Carrion = Lem-Pul
Dwarf star= Fal
Wisp= Mal-Vex
Tals ammy= Gul
Serph's= Mal
Cats eye=Pul
5% Bk=Gul+
<5% Bk=Ist+
Low wisp = Mal-Ist
High wisp = Gul+

[color=yellow]Full Sets[/color]

Tals Set = Vex
Ik= Mal
Trang's= Ist
Aldur's = Um
Gris= Gul
Cow king= Pul

Mainly Thanks to himeji, and others for the improvement/updates of this guide. Since zappa is not taking actions to sticky this great helpful link, I kindly ask anyone that has used, viewed this guide to give comments, replies. And oh ya, keep this on the first page :clap: