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    Crafting Amulets Question

    I have been putting 3 blue rings and 3 blue amulets in my cube to make a new amulet or ring. Below I saw a post with "crafted" amulets. What is the recipe for a crafted amulet? Also, can you craft rings in this same way? Thanks

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    crafted amulets the one recipie i know of is :

    1 Ral Rune
    1 Perfect Amythest
    1 magic amulet
    1 magic jewel

    can end up with some pretty decent things, this is the caster amulet so it gives cast rate, mana regen and then a bunch of random mods etc.

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    and the higher the level of your character doing the crafting the the chances of getting more/better mods is better, so use your highest level character to do the crafting

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    The Arreat Summit has all of the crafting info that you require

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    There are 4 crafting recipies for amulets, they all consist of 1 amulet, 1 jewel, pgem, and 1 rune. They use all but ptopaz and pdiamond and the runes are Thul, Amn, and Ral. Thul is used twice for amulet crafting. The recipies can be found on AS or in the crafting section.

    Heres the crafting section:


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