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    The following are all [COLOR=YellowGreen]US EAST LADDER [/COLOR] items. Most are low or middle, but some will probably be desirable. One thing I learned is that I have a lot more stuff in my mules than I originally thought. I wasn't sure what to include and what not to include, so I erred on the side of inclusion, since you never know what could useful for a necro at different points in development (especially the experimental builds). Not all of the items are great, but all of them I have used for some purposes or another. Many of the polearms were early and middle game merc weapons. Stealth is great until Hell b/c it lacks good resistances. I have some early bows for people who want to use rogues instead of act2 mercs. Most of the rest are pretty self-explanatory.

    I should note that a part of me is apprehensive to post all of this because I don't want a bunch of PM's begging for loot. Perhaps I should state here that PMs automatically disqualify one from receiving the item. These problems should probably be addressed relatively soon, since they are bound to emerge. Another purpose for posting this list, aside from offering the items up, is to get this thread going and make a serious attempt to begin distribution. I think gvandale has a fantastic idea here, since I know I've needed a few good items to get started. I just don't want gvandale and the 2 or 3 others of us to be the only people trying. This should be a forum-wide effort, since then we could do the most good for the most number, even those in Europe . I'm not sure, but East has strong representation here already, and I know West has a lot of well-off players. All those who have recently posted about your 1337 builds should be especially eager to contribute, since you obviously have a great capacity to MF, so much so that you need to tell us about! :uhhuh: .

    2x The Face of Horror
    Stealth (Mage Plate)
    IK Belt
    2x Magnus Skin
    Demon's Arch
    Venom Ward
    All Heaven's Brethren but shield
    Peasant Crown
    2x Aldur's Rhythm
    Tancred helm + ammy
    Milabrega's armor + shield
    Disciple Set
    Sander's Gloves and Boots
    Bonehew (clean)
    Mavina's Tenet
    2x Spirit Shroud
    Darksight Helm
    Pgems, including topaz, ruby, and amethyst
    Extra Dol and Amn runes
    1 37% ED jewel (no other mods)
    Nat's Boots and Helm
    2x Culwen's Point
    Rare Circlet with Prismatic mod and teleport charges
    4 socket Boneweave
    2x Rockfleece
    Pus Spitter
    Heavenly Garb
    Sazabi Helm
    The Ward
    Meat Scraper
    Trang Gloves
    Ali Baba's
    Head Hunter's Glory (clean)
    2x Pestilent LARGE charms
    4 socket wire fleece
    3 socket boneweave
    Blackleech Blade

    These are the items I'm willing to give away, but I want to see some rules and some others willing to contribute. Some other items are on developing characters, so I'm less willing to part with them.

    Finally, I like the idea of people needing to make a case for acquiring the items. Also, we should keep a master list of the items we have in the item fund. Just some thoughts. I'm excited to see if this takes off!

    A brew on me gvandale for such a great idea: :drink:

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    I lost all my necro gear in a tragic blimp accident over the rose bowl on new years day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ash Housewares
    I lost all my necro gear in a tragic blimp accident over the rose bowl on new years day
    This is obviously the best excuse eva...give ash all the items! pwned.


    I can start with an account. But I'll have to level some ladder mules that won't disappear on us.

    Anyone got any clever names on a account. Or should I just name it *necroforumfund or something along those lines. (east btw)

    Come on Westies where are all the generous westeners.

    Also, I'll start going through my non ladder chars to see what I can donate.

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    in the big circle in the corn field
    Hello again.

    UsEast Non-Ladder Items

    Najs Light Plate
    Dark Adherent
    Rhyme Trolls Nest
    Hwanins Refuge
    Iron Pelt
    Guardian Angel
    Que Hegans
    Griswolds Heart (3x 15% ias jewels)
    Gladiators Bane
    Ondals Almighty
    Hwanins Splendor
    Guillaumes Face
    Crown of Theives
    Chance Guards
    Tals Mask x2
    Laying of the Hands
    Sanders Boots
    Sigons Boots
    Sigons Gloves x2
    Tals Orb
    Najs Puzzler
    Rouges Bow
    Kelpie Snare
    Aldurs Rhythm
    Civerbs Cudgel
    Suicide Branch x2
    Umes Lament x2
    String of Ears x3
    Dwarfstar x5
    Nagel Rings x4
    Rising Sun Ammy
    Wilhelms Pride
    Tals Belt
    Razortail x2
    Whole bunch of low-mid lvl runes (eth, ith, amn, ral, ort, ko, hel, ect)


    I know alot of these aren't really directly used by necromancers but alot can be and others are useful to be traded off, used on a merc, or even used on a non-cookiecutter necro I guess.

    I think I'm gonna go ahead and make an account called *necroforumfund if nobody cares...


    Managed to dump 3 mules onto an account called *necroforumfund will try to do the others later on...

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    well i'm just starting on USEAST ladder after my password just didn't work one day on my old account (not funny) and i wouldnt mind some free stuff to get me started. Please post here when u can contact me.

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    Gravenspine x 2
    Trang-Oul's Claws

    That's all I really have of necro specific stuff that I can part with. I have some other stuff that could be used perhaps on a merc. I will gladly donate that as well. Can't wait to see how this works out.

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    hey guys i just started playing again (all my other chars were deleted :(
    ...all that work gone) well anyone i decided i would make a necro so ive been playing about 3-4 days and im around 45. I would gladly appreciate anything!
    Thanks guys...and if you wanna message me my account is *CosmicRooster23

    Thanks again ~Einlanzer

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    I like this idea. Alot of the time I find decent things that don't trade for things I want, and that I have no use for. I'll have to not throw them away, and maybe make a new account to mule them in...hmmm...

    I have no problem in helping people, but I don't like just giving help to random newbs because I get called "noob" when they don't like my free items (which aren't bad free items, but they aren't SOJS.)

    This will be an outlet where I know that the items will go to use.

    As I said before:

    I like this idea

    (i'm an eastie ladder player btw)

    OH, Kbob does alot of mfing on east ladder and he might want to help this fund.

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    US West?

    I would participate here on the West Realm. I don't have a lot of extras, a few unique wands, a Wormskull, a few heads, some armor, misc. mid level unique parts.
    I'm still not clear on how this would be arranged- how do you set up game times, etc?

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    can we flame those who beg for marrowalks?


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