What happened to schaeffers? I'm looking into making an avenger, was hunting around for a beserker axe to make crescent moon, but decided instead that i'd see if i had enough assets to purchase a schaeffers. I did. But looking through the forum to see if i made the right move, it certainly doesn't appear so - there just isn't much enthusiasm for it in the avenger ranks.

Right then, is avenger a good idea for this weapon at all? I realize that i'm looking at 89% ias to reach just 10 frames, and way too much to go beyond that. The difference between 10 and 8 is...huge? I'm not all that psyched about making a zealot as i have a furry version of one already (werewolf). Has shaeffers always been a zealot weapon? Has this monster crawled into the shadows of the new runewords? WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON! :teeth:

Cheers Greenies!