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    The Summons Werewolf Barb

    Disclaimer: This build is pure cheese, bug exploitation, whatever you want to call it. This build isn't really possible without exploiting the "synergy" bug on certain charged items. Well, it's possible, but the Grizzly wouldn't be anywhere near as good.

    Wolfhowl: Charges of level 15 Summon Dire Wolf.
    "Crescent Moon": Charges of level 18 Summon Spirit Wolf.
    "Beast": Charges of level 13 Summon Grizzly.

    So what is the build?

    Put simply, you equip Wolfhowl, and then dual wield Crescent Moon [phase blade?] primary (left slot on char screen) and Beast [zerker axe?] secondary (right slot on char screen).

    You summon a Grizzly (that gains bugged synergies from the charges), BO it up, and then shapeshift into a Fanaticism'd Werewolf that tanks via the incredible life leech of Feral Rage with a sword that procs Static Field on striking. Or you prefer you could wield the Beast runeworded weapon primary, if you favoured Crushing Blow over Static Field.

    Equipment would obviously be Wolfhowl, Crescent Moon and Beast. I am tempted to advocate Arkaine's Valor and Verdungos in a crazy rush for the maximum possible life.

    This build would have no skill points in the Combat tree whatsoever, and would only use the pre-buffing warcries (Shout, BO, BComm).

    Pick and choose your summons. I recommend Grizzly because you only expend one charge to make your summons 'army'.

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    If it works, I'm gonna make one Did you test it, or is it a theoratical build? A bear with synergies+baba shouts+fana should be quite fun to summon ^_^

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    It's theoretical, but it should work.

    By the way, you should shift into a Werewolf (though Beast offers the Bear option). Feral Rage is Werewolf only.

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    I cannot edit the above post.

    A friend lent me his Beast caudecus, and I dusted off my Wolfhowl helm. The resulting Grizzly had 3250 life and over 450 physical damage before BO and Oak Sage (Level 5, from Nature's Peace). This is with a stripped barb that had very few +skill items to boost his warcries.

    In Werebear mode, the barb swung unnaturally fast. It was actually quite disorienting. In Wolf mode the barb swung pretty fast, but nowhere near as fast as the Werebear. Unfortunately, there just wasn't much damage being done in either case. A lack of masteries and equipment probably have a LOT to do with that.

    The bear seemed near-immortal, from the little testing I gave him.

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    Well I guess if a Pally can have Defiance, Might, Holy Freeze, Teleport, thorns, BO, BC, and Fanaticism, Slavation and be a Werebear then I guess a Barb can summon a druid pet :P

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    I'm currently building a barb like that. He's looking like this:

    BO maxed
    Shout maxed
    Axe Mastery maxed
    Iron skin (last skill to be maxed)
    1 pt into beserk (for PIs)
    5 into nat resist

    Equipment includes wolfhowl, 2x +3 warcries swords (to buff BO, shout) and a 2H "beast" feral. Crafted blood gloves and "stone" runeword armour.

    If I equip carrion wind, I can have 1 clay golem, 1 poison vine and 1 grizzly!. Rogue mec for support (hit monster flee, dim vision etc). She thins out the crowd for me. Go with a might merc if you want things to move faster.

    Btw, battle command works for your WereWolf, lyc as well so use BC to prebuff your WW skills. Same thing for 2 HoTO flails if you can afford them.


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