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Aug 21, 2014 at 3:38 PM
Mar 26, 2005
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December 26
The Lost Coast,crescent city cal.
construction foreman

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IncGamers Member, from The Lost Coast,crescent city cal.

Laarz was last seen:
Aug 21, 2014 at 3:38 PM
    1. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      Thank you for the V-day chocolates. :) I'm so happy I didn't get candy this year. I'm still finishing Xmas candy!!

      *hugs* Miss you, sweetheart. :heartbeat:
    2. BobCox2
      Well this place has already been trouted so not much more I can Do.
    3. Zokar
      *hands you a trout* *waves*
    4. Leopold Stotch
    5. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      LOVE your new 'tar. :wink:
    6. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      i did! because i wuv you!!! how are things? :D well, i hope! ^_^
    7. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch

    8. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      LAAAARZ!!!!! *glomp* :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: *nuzzle*
    9. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      LAAAAAAAARZZZ!!! most excellent news have i for you!!! check inbox in a few!
    10. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      im def extra sensitive to a lot of things, atm. >.> still trying to cope with the fact that Mara still loves me and this is still my home as much as it is theirs.

      First things first! Bank account. Sell car for parts. Just payed my loan a few minutes ago so now i can move on to other things. :)
    11. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      No one's run yet, i guess. I just... I'm feeling a lot of emotions and I think everyone else is feeling awkward, which is normal. But I also feel things are a little different and I'm questioning who I can Friend and I can call Foe. At the same time, I'm trying not to put too muh thought in what other people think about me. I can't afford to do that right now. :)
    12. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      lurk mode? awww..... hope everything is bueno, or at least halfway bueno! try and have a good day tomorrow and Friday... as hectic as it will be!! we love you tons!!! *huggles*
    13. Gorny
      *Self resurrects*
    14. Gorny
      *Tackles Laarz*
    15. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      yeah, i just cleaned out the inbox. :) i do plan on incorporating you and Loz into it... you two will most likely be drunk chars or something silly like that.... >.>

      no, pretty sure it wasn't morning sickness. XD that's what the medicine is for, if you catch my drift. ;)

      and it may have been the meds or something completely unrelated. no one else seems sick. >.> yeah, i feel better! im writing today! :D today is a semi-special day for me. it's one of my chars birthdays so im finishing this chapter for Dredd and i think i'll start on Super Secret Project LSD. XD Lucky Sock Ducks!
    16. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      I'm never eating meatloaf again! XXDD i got sick to my stomach early this morning! it may have been because i took two pills of my medicine last night but ugh!! 4 o'clock this morning was puking my poor tummy out! :cry:
    17. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      meatloaf sammiches! :grin: im seriously going to make it tonight, i have a craving for meat in and around my mouth. XXDD
    18. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      I am. today is my day off and im going to do absolutely NOTHING! XD maybe bake some meatloaf for dinner and do some hardcore gaming and writing, but that's it. :) the weather is finally nice.

      i like showering ppl with attention. ^_^ i like attention myself, but sometimes... i like giving it to people. i like seeing them smile. :)
    19. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      oh, goodness.... XD
    20. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      i am drinking, si si! i DO waant to see you. i love you.
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    December 26
    The Lost Coast,crescent city cal.
    construction foreman
    LOD - USWest Std
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    • PC
    • Wii
    I'm one of the older players here keep to myself most of the time

    baseball,football,nascar,computer games ,working on cars
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