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Aug 23, 2014 at 6:17 PM
    1. ioupainmax
      Ah excellent thank you. I was wondering why I didn't get a reply and then I noticed you had written on your own wall >_< - silly boy!

      This should really help. I am still missing a Jah to get an Enigma.
    2. Cyrax
      Running is done at p8 (if your char can handle that). As mentioned in the IFT, most of the HR's come from regular monsters that are hit by accident. Doing runs at p8 increases drops from them.
      Most of the time (99%) i just hit the bosspacks i find on my way to the seals. If there's a good density of monsters and you are in an open space throwing a couple of extra hammers to take them out after the boss is dead can be rewarding. It hardly takes any extra time and with enough monsters you can get a lot of extra kills that way. Don't try to kill every monster you see! It takes way too much time.

      Besides that it takes patience, a lot of runs and some luck. The first 2K runs i did, i only found 2 HR's (half of those runs was still in 1.12). The second 2K runs i found 5, which averages 1 every 400 runs. And it's not until now (another ~1.5K) that i'm really finding bundles of them (averaging 1 about every 150 runs).

      I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
    3. Cyrax
      Thanks! I can't believe someone is posting here ;).

      Sure. The build is pretty much a standard hammerdin. Gear is:
      shako (ral)
      spirit sacred targe
      chance guards
      arachnid mesh

      On switch: CtA + spirit
      Inventory: 8x lion branded gc (some plain, others with mods) and sc's with resists (mostly lightning and fire)

      Merc gear:
      kira's (sol)
      guardian angel (sol)
      reaper's toll

      With it you have great damage. Also lots of it is geared towards surviving an infector of souls with conviction aura. Besides lord de Seis' pack with physical damage (fanat aura) that is the most important thing to watch out for. With this gear that threat is pretty much gone.

      Got to post the rest in a new message as it is too long..
    4. ioupainmax
      Congratulations on all your finds!

      I can't believe I'm the first to write on your wall!

      Can you tell me the build/set-up you are using for these insanely lucky CS runs?
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