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Vote: The Biggest Current Issues with Diablo 3?
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Vote: Blizzcon Expectations?

Posted 19 Oct 2011 by

With Blizzcon 2011 set to start up in just a couple of days, does anyone care? I’ve seen few signs of excite in the Diablo community, and at least judging by forum comments you guys seem pretty indifferent to the show this year. I guess that’s inevitable; we’ve seen tons of ongoing info from the beta, and we recently got word that the game would not be out until early 2012, dashing a lot of “best Xmas evah!” hopes.

There are a stack of Diablo III panels at the show, but the developers have not been talking up the Diablo content at all. (Remember Bashiok’s “biggest Diablo Blizzcon ever! remarks last year?) Since we were told that all the game systems were revealed before the beta, there’s no expectation for big new features. After all, it’s not like we’re going to get a sixth character or something.

On the other hand, perhaps I’m misreading the mood of the community. Maybe most of you guys are eagerly awaiting the show? We’ll surely get new screenshots and artworks and gameplay footage, at the very least. The playable demo at the show might be all new Act Three content. There might be awesome new info at the panels. There might be an Arena demo with a new map and high level characters from each class to choose from. Etc.

So, which is it? Are you excited and eager, or not?

Do you have Blizzcon 2011 excite?

  • 3) Not very excited. Not expecting much. (30%, 1,193 Votes)
  • 2) Eager for Blizzcon, but not crazed. (23%, 917 Votes)
  • 5) No opinion. Wake me when the game is done. (16%, 655 Votes)
  • 1) Super excite! Can't wait for tons of new info. (16%, 624 Votes)
  • 4) Don't care. Will just be old info in a new wrapper. (15%, 614 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,002

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Last Vote Results

The last vote once again went over 10k responses, so even with the general slow down in the Diablo community since the release date delay clarification, we still see a lot more people closely following the game’s progress now than there were earlier this year. (I have site stats to confirm that; I’m not just making suppositions from vote tallies.)

As for the predictions… clearly most of you guys are taking Blizzard’s “early 2012″ literally, with 67% opting for Jan-March. Then again, with fourth place going to the spiteful NEVER crowd, perhaps we shouldn’t read too much into these results…

When will Diablo 3 be released?

  • February 2012 (29%, 3,081 Votes)
  • March 2012 (25%, 2,665 Votes)
  • January 2012 (13%, 1,344 Votes)
  • Canceled. Vapor ware. (9%, 911 Votes)
  • April 2012 (8%, 855 Votes)
  • Second half of 2012 (5%, 513 Votes)
  • 2013 or later. (4%, 452 Votes)
  • June 2012 (4%, 392 Votes)
  • May 2012 (3%, 298 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,511