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Two (Formerly) Working Duping Methods in Diablo 3

Posted 11 Jun 2012 by

As a site policy we do not post duping or hacking methods, or allow links to such things, or to gold or item sellers. (Though that’s seeming an archaic rule, now that D3’s incorporated RMT as their long term financial model?) But with two new duping techniques functioning on the realms (earlier this weekend, at least. Both are reportedly disabled by hotfixes), and numerous players sending in links about it, and the YouTube videos showign them with tons of views, we figure you guys need to know what’s going on.

So here’s what’s happening, and yes, you’re free to post ranting furious comments about “thanks for the online only DRM Bobby!!1!!” if it makes you feel better.

The first method is a trick to get unlimited free crafting rolls. It requires one player to give the materials to the other, then leave the game in an odd way. This resets their account to where it was before joining the game, which restores their inventory to where it was previously, while the other player keeps the mats they were given by crafting them into items before anything resets. This method has been hotfixed and no longer functions as detailed:

  1. A gives resources to B.
  2. B crafts items using them.
  3. B gives crafted items to A.
  4. B moves to the new save point or waypoint.
  5. A leaves the room (When A leaves the room, A loses all crafted items received from B, but gets all resources back as well. Therefore, A lose nothing and gains nothing)
  6. The room automatically terminated (server detects anomaly?)
  7. At this point, server lost the track of B giving crafted items back to A (from step 3), thus B still has crafted items. Therefore, B freely gets crafted items. (Because, A gets back resources)

Video of it below, and you’ll probably want to mute it unless you speak Korean and like bad music.

The other technique is less complicated, and involves abusing the item buyback tab between two characters on the same account. Video showing it below is crappy video quality, but one I saw earlier showing it off with narration has since been deleted from YouTube account.

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