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Top 10 Fixes to Diablo 3

Posted 5 Jan 2013 by

Forum regulars and experienced players Mysticc and Sibcoe put together a long and detailed video podcast covering their top 10 fixes to Diablo 3. (Plus half a dozen honorable mentions. The forum thread announcing it has gone into lengthy conversation, but for those of you who don’t regularly venture into the Diablo 3 forums, here’s their top ten, with the video below for a much more thorough debate/discussion.

Honorable Mentions:
– Increase base movement speed to what 24% is now.
– Ability to level up abilities/skills (yeah right).
– Give a reason to group with players (more loot, more mf, more mob density, etc.)
– Add more randomness (but take out stupid randomness).
– Increase mob density in act 1/2. Give us reason to go to act 4.
– Fix the broken wizard class.

The Top 10 list:
10) Give us a pvp system where we define the rules, rewards. Stop wasting 7+ months trying to design the perfect pvp system. Let us just pvp and we’ll build a system that comes out of it organically. Make use of ptr for pvp.

9) Improve drop rates OR stop creating garbage items for garbage sake (i.e. tighten up properties, etc.)

8) Cut the length of the journey to paragon 100 by 1/2 or 2/3. Or change how magic find works. And some other things we said.

7) Add genuine gold sinks to the game (enchantments, socketing, buffs, etc.). Remove 15% tax bull****.

6) Add more game modes – ladders, classic mode, etc.

5) Improve itemization – have 15-30 legendaries per item slot that are designed around builds, uses for white items, magic items, more socketables like 20 different gems and random jewels, create healthy ecosystem of gems and depower emeralds.

4) Add a crafting system that allows players to create items that don’t drop and also incentivizes the destruction of items.

3) Add bind on equip.

2) Give us something to do other than farming.

1) Blizzard needs to listen, interact and be honest with the community.

If you guys want to second some these and/or list your own most wanted fixes in comments, we can tabulate the most popular 10 or 15 and post them in a multiple choice vote, to get some real community consensus (or not) like we did recently with the most wanted changes/fixes to the DiabloWikiNephalem Valor system.

All of Mysticc and Sibcoe’s webcasts are archived in Diablo3.TV for future reference; you may want to view some of their previous episodes.

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