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Thorns Build Now Very Viable in Reaper of Souls Strategy

Posted 29 Nov 2013 by

Diablo 3 big ideas guy Monstrous has created a large post and video showing his Crusader’s gear and build in some hot fresh Reaper of Souls strategy. He’s running with a ton of DiabloWikiThorns gear, and dominating! In the first half of the video you see him laughing his way through Torment difficulty, killing off everything in sight without even throwing a punch. The killing gets even faster in the second half of the vid, when he adds another legendary item and starts hitting the monsters, adding more damage to their self-inflicted ouchies.

This build requires some very specialized gear to deal the huge Thorns damage, plus high hit points and resistances and blocking to keep from dying while standing around, completely surrounded by enemies. A quote from his forum post:

Here are the 6 key pieces of gear needed to create the build:

  • Thorns Set (helm, shoulders, gloves) – (4 set bonus) Your Thorns damage now hits all enemies in 15 yards.
  • Sanguinary Vambraces – Chance on being hit to deal 1000% of your thorns damage to nearby enemies.
  • One handed Thorns Axe – Your Thorns damage is applied to every attack.
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur – Reduces the number of items needed for set bonuses by 1.
  • The key here is the Ring of Royal Grandeur which lets me replace the Thorns Set bracers with the Sanguary Vambracers.

    The issue for many players using a Thorns build is always the “I’ll be bored just standing around waiting for enemies to die!” I had that issue trying it in D2 on a Thorns Paladin or an Iron Maiden Necromancer, but some players enjoyed it. I think the WD would be great for this in D3 since some of the pet abilities tack on their own Thorns damage as well, and it’ll be interesting to see if someone can find the items required with INT on them.

    This sort of build appeal to you guys? Even if you don’t want to play it, just knowing that this sort of variant is possible is a good step in the direction of more varied builds in the game, eh?