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The Diablo IncGamers Clan Dispatch: Volume I

Greetings, nephalem! I’ll be doing something new this month, so I hope you’ll all bear with me as we try it out together, it’s The Diablo IncGamers Clan Dispatch: Volume I.

Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 Testing: Golden Chests and Legendary Materials

Patch 2.0.4 changed a lot of skills and it will be interesting to hear player feedback on that once people have hours to work through the new skills, especially all the Crusader buffs.

January Diablo 3 Kill Score Ladder Live – December’s Results

Posted 1 January 2013by Rushster

December’s Diablo 3 Kill Score Ladder has now concluded and the top 10 players for the month are as follows. You can click their names to check their stats, gear etc. Congratulations to aerial#2212 who came out top for December.

PosNameSoftcore KillsHardcore KillsElite KillsKill Score

Also this month will bring the end to the first ladder season for the Hardcore and Softcore ladders with only 18 days to go until the first season winners are crowned.

If you want to take part in the Kill Score Ladder, simply add you BattleTag to the site and you will be automatically included for January 2013 and following months.

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