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Diablo 3 Podcast #167: Crusader & Massive Barb Buffs
Why the Crusader is great, plus Patch 2.2.0 changes, including the massive Barbarian IK set buffs. Also Rift changes on the PTR, Blood Shard cap increases, new LGems, and why double Unity has gone obsolete. Featuring Katniss, N3rdwards, and Flux. Click through for approximate segment starting times and related links:
PTR Patch 2.0 First Impressions: Round Two
The majorly-updated version of Patch 2.2.0 hit the PTR last night, and there’s a lot of new stuff and most of it seems pretty awesome. The new goblins are now spawning, there’s a new Legendary Gem, heaps of Legendary items are buffed, most of the Item Sets are tweaked/improved, there are QoL improvements to auto-pickup, […]

Heroes Rise: 50% Unlocked

Posted 21 Apr 2012 by

We’ve finally hit the half-way mark on the Heroes Rise promotional page! The release is so close, we can nearly taste it. As it should be after 12 years of waiting. With the Open Beta currently underway (not without technical problems, of course. But it seems like quite the coincidence that the 50% milestone unlocks the day the beta opens to the world. The excitement just continues to mount.

And no it’s not a wallpaper or facebook image, it is a brand new Blizzcast.

Our own Rob Simpson talks Diablo III item, quest, and sound design with Senior Designer DiabloWikiJason Bender, senior sound designer DiabloWikiKris Giampa, and Lead Content Designer Kevin Martens. What are the best ways to capture the sound of bones breaking? Find out in this BlizzCast 17 video exclusive.

Nizaris Update:

  • The video covers a lot of information we have known before, or at least have surmised. Starting with Senior Designer DiabloWikiJason Bender talking about randomization and aspects that difficulty levels bring to the game.
  •  Second up is Senior Sound Designer DiabloWikiKris Giampa covering some of the basics on how they bring the world to life with their sound libraries. It’s an interesting piece, especially if you haven’t listened to the panel from Blizzcon ’11 that focuses on Blizz music.
  • Third is Lead Content Designer DiabloWikiKevin Martens who talks a little about the background of the DiabloWikiFestering Woods (big surprise!), which will involve some [wikiNephalem[/wiki] Artifacts and warring spirits. The really cool part of this video is that it contains small clips of the game that have never been seen before.

The closing remarks are the most interesting as it refers to the fabled DiabloWikiCow Level. Based on Kevin’s remarks, we may not have seen the last of the Cow King.

So… spoiler warning if you want to keep your knowledge about the rest of the game to a minimum.

Over all, the content is geared towards a new audience, but it’s definitely worth a listen. And, of course, unlike all other Blizzcasts, these are live interviews held directly with the lead designers. Enjoy!