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Reaper of Souls Item Sets Illustrated

A fan assembled all six of the class-specific item sets in Reaper of Souls, took pics of them on each gender for each class, and provided views from all angles. It’s quite a useful presentation, and credit to Zeldrin for creating it.

I found it interesting since I’d never actually seen the full sets so clearly. Everyone’s got a few or all of the items from each set, but usually mixed with other gear, some transmogged or vanishing dyed, etc. So here they are, unadulterated and straight from the D3 artist’s tablets to your screen. All the sets (except for Firebird’s, which adds a source) consist of six items: helm, shoulders, chest, gloves, legs, and boots, so visually they are pretty much apples to apples comparisons. So here are Reaper of Souls Item Sets Illustrated:


DiabloWikiLegacy Of Raekor (armory), Barbarian set. Helm, shoulders, chest, gloves, legs, boots.


DiabloWikiArmor Of Akkhan (armory), Crusader set. Helm, shoulders, chest, gloves, legs, boots.

Demon Hunter

DiabloWikiEmbodiment of the Marauder (armory), Demon Hunter set. Helm, shoulders, chest, gloves, legs, boots.


DiabloWikiRaiment of a Thousand Storms (armory), Monk set. Helm, shoulders, chest, gloves, legs, boots.

Witch Doctor

DiabloWikiHelltooth Harness (armory), Witch Doctor set. Helm, shoulders, chest, gloves, legs, boots. (This set apparently lacks the light weight and flexibility of the huge slabs of unrefined steel that the other classes have strapped to their bodies, as both of these weary medical professionals are bent double beneath the weight of their assorted shark teeth, baboon femurs, and coconut shells.)


DiabloWikiFirebird’s Finery (armory), Wizard set. Helm, shoulders, chest, gloves, source, legs, boots. (Firebird’s has a seventh item, a Source, which is the only difference in the slots filled by these sets.)

Diablo 3 “Gear Sets”

This whole presentation reminds me of the hot (pre-game) topic of DiabloWikiGear Sets. We’ve got a big wiki article about them, and “Gear Sets” was a regular news category from 2010-2012, with 29 news items so categorized.

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Diablo 3 Podcast #146: Patch 2.1, Story, and Blizzcon D3X2?

Lots on this show, including PTR Patch 2.1′s big changes, legendary item buffs, Paragon 1000 achieved, the Stash space emergency and micro-transactions, Diablo 3′s story and “demon soul hooks,” and Blizzcon 2014 Diablo 3 expansion announcement expectations. Featuring Flux, N3rdwords and Neinball.

Approximate topic starting times:

  • 2:30 — Paragon 1000 has been achieved. Does everyone have amazement?
  • 5:00 — Seasons and Patch 2.1 should go live simultaneously?
  • 11:00 — Legendary item buffs on the PTR. Looking forward to new items when 2.1 goes live, since Blizzard doesn’t hate the Monk (currently). Hydra build rules, but intentionally bugged on PTR?
  • 18:30 — Story implications of the Black Soulstone and why Diablo is free in Prime Evil form. Adria setting “demon soul hooks” is obviously a metcon, but is it parsimonious with the larger story/lore/plot? Both guests surprisingly say yes.
  • 27:00 — Is Diablo 3 + expansion packs self-contained? Will Diablo 4 be set a week later just continuing the same story? Or a totally new story, set centuries earlier or later?
  • 37:30 — Stash space insufficient = biggest problem in Diablo 3? One guest disagrees.
  • 40:00 — Most fans accept micro-transactions these days. Why isn’t Blizzard selling more stash tabs yet? Votes have shown most fans would accept this.
  • 47:30 — Diablo 3 expansion #2 announced at Blizzcon later this year? Everyone votes yes, though tentatively.
  • 52:00 — There are a lot of Blizzard games out and/or under development. Busiest days ever in Irvine?
  • 54:00 — Bonus secret trick to guarantee Greed’s Domain entrance?!?

  • The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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    Follower Gear and Respecs

    Posted 30 Nov 2012 by

    I wasn’t going to news about this Blue post, but as there are new and returning Diablo III players around every day, and you never know what other people know (or don’t know) I think it’s worth a post. I’ve got a whole big post about ideal Follower gear in the works, basically condensing/expanding on the info in this awesome thread, but just for today, here’s the Blue:

    I’m a wizard I play with a kiting build and I want to start working on my follower. First off which one would best fit a kiting build, and should I equip xp and magic find items on him? I’m not sure what to put on them at all in fact – straight dps? I have no idea – elaborate anyone?
    Grimiku: I recently geared my follower for DiabloWikiMagic Find since it was not only what I was looking for, but also the easiest to gear up.

    Sometimes it’s not just identifying the role you want your follower to fulfill, but also remembering that the measurement of their success will be proportionate to the quality of gear you can give them.

    Is there anyway we can also make respecs on follower talents? I made some mistakes with my enchantress that I wish I could undo. Also, it would promote experimentation.
    Grimiku: If you right click on your follower’s portrait in the upper left hand corner of your screen there is a “retrain” button just for this purpose. :)

    As the blue said, you just right click on your Follower’s portrait to get some options, and one of them is retrain, which respecs all of their skills to nothing, and you can then reset them to whatever you like. I assumed everyone had noticed that just through the course of playing, but like I said a minute ago, you never know what other people don’t know.

    The Demon and the Eirena.

    As for follower equipment, it’s possible to gear them up enough to actually deal useful damage, but that takes fantastic equipment, and if you’ve got the budget to kit your Followers out that well, you’re probably doing so much damage yourself that it’s irrelevant. For the rest of us, a popular trick is to give the Scoundrel a great slowing debuff by equipping him with an xbow with cold damage (like the Buriza) or granting him cold damage from jewelry (Tal’s Allegiance or an SoJ can roll with cold). Or just have fun by giving your Enchantress a Maximum sword and watch the giant demon stomp around, dragging Eirena along at the other end of a glowing fire chain.

    I like to give my Follower’s vitality gear, which is nice since I find that constant death on their parts really cuts down on the number of CCs and debuffs they’re able to inflict. Other than vitality, since their damage is seldom high enough to matter, it’s more about giving them gear that helps you, and that means Magic Find/Gold Find, or +experience, since 1/5 of those bonuses share to your character. Only those properties, though. You can’t put 25% critical hit chance on a Follower and get 5% for yourself, alas.

    So it’s just MF or GF for them, and yeah, you only get 20% of that bonus, but it’s not hard to get 100% MF on a Templar between two rings, the amulet, and the shield, and that’s 20% more MF for you. Seven Paragon levels worth of MF is nothing to sneeze at.

    Experience bonus gear on the Follower also shares at 20%, including the Hellfire ring. That’s all +experience gear, the +per kill and +% per kill, but in the late game there’s really no point in worrying about the non-percentage type, since monsters grant thousands of exp per kill and another 10 or 20 on top of that is irrelevant. Much less 1/5 of that, if the bonus shares from your Follower. Thus, since you can not equip two of the same legendary item, a Hellfire ring and a Leoric’s Signet is the best option. Good luck finding them.

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