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Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 Testing: Golden Chests and Legendary Materials

Patch 2.0.4 changed a lot of skills and it will be interesting to hear player feedback on that once people have hours to work through the new skills, especially all the Crusader buffs.

The Diablo IncGamers Clan Dispatch: Volume I

Greetings, nephalem! I’ll be doing something new this month, so I hope you’ll all bear with me as we try it out together, it’s The Diablo IncGamers Clan Dispatch: Volume I. Full Season 1 Results and New Seasons Start

Posted 1 February 2013by Rushster

An important update for with some key results. Back in October last year we started the first Season of the full ladders for both hardcore and softcore characters and the ladders wrapped up a couple of days ago. Nobody in either ladder managed to reach Paragon 100 but there was certainly some valiant efforts, especially in the hardcore ladder.  The results were as follows:


PosNameServerClassLevelParagon Lvl
1RashadFace (lottamercy#1129)USWD6047
2Annabola (Gunsm0ke#2560)EUBarb6028
3Tron (lottamercy#1129)USWD6014
4Fiona (patrox#1802)EUBarb6010
5PunkinTits (lottamercy#1129)USBarb609
6Sholva (Sholva#2902)EUBarb606
7Thygian (JBV#1401)USWD603
8Seleena (FBaloo#2642)EUWD602
9omgitsdSAMA (ZuluEcho#6676)USBarb601
10Fiona (patrox#1802)EUBarb600


PosNameServerClassLevelParagon Lvl
1Adept (robotlegs#1245)USDH6082
2MovinOnUp (DiabloManDan#1229)USBarb6045
3Ladder (BlueBooger#1924)USWiz6037
4Burningflesh (ofthedead#1677)USWD6022
5MrMcbang (Spiffymcbang#1141)USBarb6010
6PsylentPsyko (ThePsyko#1814)USDH608
7Steele (gerey#2526)EUMonk608
8DaTiEbanis (DaTiEbanis)EUMonk604
9Paragon (vaskobgn#2526)EUMonk601
10vaskobgn#2526 (Anostagia)EUWiz600

A new season is now underway so if you want to take up the challenge the season runs from now until 1 May. Congrats to Adept (robotlegs#1245) in the Softcore ladder and RashadFace (lottamercy#1129) in the hardcore. Well done guys!

You can join either the RashadFace or lottamercy#1129 ladders now. Simply have a new level 1 character and then join up and see how far you can climb during the next season.

In other ladder news, January’s Kill Score ladder results are now in and Season 2 Hardcore came out top this month. The results are as follows:

PosNameSoftcore KillsHardcore KillsElite KillsKill Score
1Season 2 Hardcore030135121703366460.0-

February’s Kill Score Ladder is now live and don’t forget all you need to do is add your BattleTag to the site then login and claim your tag to join in.

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