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Diablo 3 Monster Density: v1.07 vs. v1.08

Posted 29 Apr 2013 by

A fan constructed some interesting videos with split screen comparisons of the same character clearing the same areas in v1.07 (live on the realms) and v1.08 (testing on the PTR). If you wanted a good demonstration of the Diablo 3 monster density changes, check it out.

The video is edited to show the same run side by side. Literally, the guy multiboxed it so his character does the same thing on both screens at the same time. This is a little deceptive since it makes the v1.07 run take a long longer than it should, but it really underscores the monster density changes since the v1.07 wizard is often standing still and shooting at nothing, or unloading on a single target, while the v1.08 is being swarmed and fighting for her life.

The end of the video shows some stats on the monster kills which really makes the point of v1.08’s increased density, because numbers!

Monster kill numbers, quoted from the end of the video:

Weeping Hollow:

  • v1.07: Monsters: 186, Elites: 6
  • v1.08: Monsters: 382, Elites: 4.
  • The Lyceum:

  • v1.07: Monsters: 175, Elites: 4.
  • v1.08: Monsters: 283, Elites: 6.
  • Cathedral 1 & 2:

  • v1.07: Monsters: 282, Elites: 8
  • v1.08: Monsters: 532, Elites: 9
  • These figures back up my subjective PTR monster density observations; there aren’t many (any?) more bosses, but the trash mobs are vastly increased in number, which makes the overall play experience much more profitable and fun, since you don’t have downtimes with long empty stretches of dungeon.

    Click through to see similar comparisons for another set of areas in Act 1, and another one from part of Act 2.

    More from Act One:

    Fields of Misery:

  • v1.07: 133 Monsters.
  • v1.08: 648 Monsters.
  • Festering Woods:

  • v1.07: 146 Monsters.
  • v1.08: 252 Monsters.
  • Northern Highlands + Leoric’s Hunting Grounds:

  • v1.07: 134 Monsters.
  • v1.08: 272 Monsters.
  • Whimsyshire:

  • v1.07: 250 Monsters.
  • v1.08: 336 Monsters.
  • Note that Fields of Misery score. Like I said on the last podcast, I think Act One and Act Two DiabloWikikeyruns are much better than Act Three, in v1.08.

    Act Two is the promised land, especially in the dungeons, and the numbers go some distance towards bearing that out:

    Black Canyon + Dahlgur Oasis:

  • v1.07: 207 Monsters
  • v1.08: 683 Monsters
  • Desolate Sands + Vile Cavern:

  • v1.07: 374 Monsters.
  • v1.08: 550 Monsters.
  • Sadly, if anyone has done similar comparisons for other Act Two areas, I can’t find them on You Tube. In my PTR testing I found the 3 Zoltan Kulle dungeons to be by far the most buffed in monster count and general insanity, so it would be interesting to see a head count of the actual numbers.

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