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Guide: Legendary Gems

legendary gems guideLegendary Gems were first officially revealed in the Patch 2.1 preview blog back in June of this year.   They will be added to Reaper of Souls in Patch 2.1, and are currently undergoing testing on the PTR.

The gems add special bonuses when socketed in rings and amulets (only on Characters and not on Followers), and can be upgraded in power via DiabloWikiUrshi, the NPC who appears after Greater Rifts are cleared.

While the developers are calling them “legendary gems” these socketables have nothing in common with regular DiabloWikigems in stats or appearance, and are more analogous to the Rainbow Facet unique jewels of Diablo 2. The main difference in Diablo 3 is that these gems can only be socketed in jewelry, and the way the gems can be upgraded to improve their functions over time.

Legendary Gems Listing

While the Legendary Gems are still undergoing development on the DiabloWikiPTR, their stats and bonuses are changing constantly. A major revision was created on July 15, 2014 with new or upgraded stats for almost every gem. The following are the most current details about Legendary Gems.


DiabloWikiBane of the Powerful
bane of the powerful
  • Gain 30% increased damage for 20 seconds after killing an elite pack.
  • Upgrade rank grants: +1 second buff duration.
  • Rank 50 unlocks: Gain 20% bonus damage to elites.
DiabloWikiBane of the Trapped
bane of the trapped
  • Increase damage against enemies under control-impairing effects by 20%.
  • Upgrade rank grants: +0.5% damage.
  • Rank 50 unlocks: Gain an aura that reduces the movement speed of enemies within 15 yards by 30%.
DiabloWikiBoon of the Hoarder
  • 30% chance on killing an enemy to cause an explosion of gold.
  • Upgrade rank grants: +1% chance on kill.
  • Rank 50 unlocks: Gain 30% increased movement speed for 3 seconds after picking up gold.
  • Increase the Critical Hit Chance of your pets by 20%.
  • Upgrade rank grants: +0.4% Critical Hit Chance. Max +20% upgrade (+40% total).
  • Rank 50 unlocks: Your pets are unkillable.
Bliz Note: As was discussed in another thread, allowing this this gem to rank up to +100% pet Crit would likely cause undesired gearing issues and probably be a little out of line.
DiabloWikiGem of Efficacious Toxin
gem of efficacious toxin
  • Poison all enemies hit for 1000% weapon damage over 10 seconds.
  • Upgrade rank grants: +20% weapon damage over 10 seconds.
  • Rank 50 unlocks: All enemies you poison take 10% increased damage from all sources.
DiabloWikiGogok of Swiftness
 gogok of swiftness
  • 50% chance on hit to gain Swiftness, increasing your Attack Speed by 2% for 3 seconds. This effect stacks up to 10 times.
  • Upgrade rank grants: +1% chance.
  • Rank 50 unlocks: Gain 2% Cooldown Reduction per stack of Swiftness.
 DiabloWikiInvigorating Gemstone
 invigorating gemstone
  • While under any control-impairing effects, reduce all damage taken by 30%.
  • Upgrade rank grants: +1%. Maximum +50% upgrade (80% total).
  • Rank 50 unlocks: Heal for 20% of maximum life when hit by control-impairing effect.
 DiabloWikiMirinae, Teardrop of Starweaver
 Mirinae, Teardrop of Starweaver
  • 15% chance on hit to smite a nearby enemy for 1000% weapon damage as Holy.
  • Upgrade rank grants: +20% weapon damage.
  • Rank 50 unlocks: Smite a nearby enemy every 5 seconds.
  • 30% of all damage taken is instead staggered and dealt to you over 3 seconds.
  • Upgrade rank grants: +0.1 second to the stagger duration.
  • Rank 50 unlocks: 10% chance on kill to clear all staggered damage.
 DiabloWikiPain Enhancer
 Pain Enhancer
  • Critical hits cause the enemy to bleed for 500% weapon damage as Physical over 3 seconds.
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The State of the Monk: Additional follower or future OP class?

state of the monk in diablo 3It’s no surprise that the Monk class has been in need of some love pre 2.1. However with the second iteration of the patch on the PTR that need has not yet been abided. People are still clamoring for more sweeping changes(pun intended).

I was a heavy Monk user pre ROS and took a break with the xpac to delve into my first love(WD) and my new fling(crusader). I returned to the Monk only a few weeks ago and what I found was a shell of what I had left. After suffering for a long time as a WD it was nice when they finally rose to prominence. After a while on the top I wanted a new challenge and set my sights back on my monk, however even this challenge seems to daunting then all that time as a struggling WD. Diablo Forum MVP Druin put together an eloquent look at the myriad issues facing the class:

Hello everyone!

I am back from vacation and I am looking to write up a concise review of where we stand in 2.1.

My plan is to give a quick overview of our major issues then discuss the 2.1 changes and how they affect the various facets of our class.

I will be using this thread to fine-tune what we want to communicate to the devs and then I will make a major “state of monks in 2.1″ thread on the PTR forums to attempt to get some help for our lovely class! :D

1. Current Monk Issues


This is really at the forefront of the monk issues.

Since the release of RoS, monks have been having a tough time with DPS. We have a very limited range of options mostly centering around the skill Exploding Palm. (Un)fortunately EP is being changed as it breaks greater rifts (along with Rimeheart and Furnace) so our only source of widely competitive damage is going away. This leaves monks in a pretty bad spot.

Our spenders do very little damage (I mean VERY little) relative to their cost and our generators are used more as proc-vehicles for Odyn Son, Thunderfury, Shard of Hate and Rime/Furnace more than as sources of damage themselves. This leaves us with our 6pc Raiment of 1000 Storms which makes DS proc a 3000% weapon damage attack on cast. 3000% damage is a lot and it scales with lightning damage gear but DS has a flat-immutable 6 second cooldown. This can be mitigated to some extent by using Jawbreaker to give “free” dashing strike charges but that interaction is quite clunky.

Basically, monks will be forced into a clunky, hard-to-use situationally terrible Storm-breaker set in order to compete with other classes in damage. If they don’t want to use this mechanic, they will do very poor damage.


Next on the list is our ability to survive. This is a more controversial topic with some finding survival to be quite easy and many others finding it to be quite hard. In 2.1 with the change from dex giving dodge to dex giving armor and the change from OWE to Harmony, many monks who had minor synergy with OWE will see a minor tankiness boost. (my Raiment set for example)
On the other hand, monk who are deeply invested into OWE will see a major tankiness loss. (my Shatter-palm set). In either case, both types of monks probably have a lot of trouble living in T6 without 2x Unity or the constant dashing from Storm-breaker. Why is this? Because monks have to face-tank so much stuff.

Our primary source of resource generation comes from skills that require you to be up-close and personal with mobs which means a lot of damage can’t be avoided. To compensate for this, end-game monks are forced to take defensive passives (Harmony) defensive skills (Epiphany-shroud / Serenity / Inner Sanc / Blinding Flash) and CDR in basically every single spec. This is extremely limiting to the monk playstyle though arguably less of a problem than the DPS as the defensive skill/CDR solution does exist.

Additionally, sustain is nearly non-existent. LoH requires primary affixes which takes away from our already terrible DPS, LPS is the same, LPSS both takes primary affixes AND is extremely poor and Globes took a pretty big hit in 2.1. Monks actually have access to healing skills but, for some reason, they are tuned to be SO weak that they are essentially non-existent.

Resource Management

This is a more fundamental problem than the other two issues. Mere number tweaks would likely not result in this issue being resolved.

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Diablo 3 Expansion “Leaked” Feature List

Posted 7 Feb 2013 by

A fan took the time to type out a huge wishlist of features for the Diablo 3 expansion, and has been posting it in forums here and there. What makes it somewhat controversial, beyond its arguably TLDR nature, is the fact that it’s being portrayed as a “leaked” internal document, tipping Blizzard’s hand on upcoming game changes.

The thread went up on yesterday and garnered ten pages of (mostly useless) replies before it was deleted. (The Google cache provides an archived peek.) You can view the deletion in two ways; proof that it was in fact an internal leaked document, or proof that Blizzard is fine with fans talking about expansion wish lists on, so long as we don’t pretend that they’re leaked official info.

The post makes for an interesting read, and you can read it in our Diablo 3 community forum, or by clicking through on this post. I think a lot of the ideas are good ones; certainly all the enhanced social features, game hubs, more players chatting face to face, etc. I doubt we’ll see any of that since its launch with Starcraft 2, 2.0 has consistently shown Blizzard’s (inexplicable?) commitment to matchmaking and impersonal non-communication via their gaming service.

The thing this fan-list most lacks, and what makes it pretty obviously not a legit leak, is anything new. Fans tend to create wishlists that improve existing features and nibble around new ideas, and this one is full of better social things, higher Paragon level rewards, improvements to existing items, etc. But there’s nothing in it with actual new features, nothing about expansion classes, new acts, new plot, new item types, or any of the other big changes that an expansion will surely bring.

Remember, if you will, the D3Here episodes, in which some anonymous dude claimed to be a Blizzard QA tester leaking official info. There was much debate if he was legit, and he made some interesting claims about (imagied) game content, but everything he said was obviously false the minute we got actual new game info, and in retrospect all of his predictions were much too cautious since the actual game had far more major changes than any of us would have guessed.

I’m certain any and all pre-D3X “leaked” feature lists will meet the same fate once actual D3X info premieres. Click through to read this recent D3 expansion wishlist, if you’re curious.

Leaked Expansion Key Changes

These are the keynotes of Diablo 3’s future Expansion, and will contain:
Ø Battle.Net
Ø Items
Ø World
Ø Crafting
Ø Paragon
* Keep in mind that the game changes are made keeping 1.0.7 in mind. 2.0+
Ø Game Menu changes to City Hub
Upon logging in and choosing a character, the player will now be placed into a yet to be named Major City Hub. The City Hub is real-time place where players can meet each other. The City Hub will be introduced with Act VI and has a player cap of 100, after reaching 100 players; a new instance of the City Hub is made to ensure a playable environment.

The Medieval City Hub:

Ø Blacksmiths Guild Street
o Your Backsmith and 3 Highest Experience Blacksmiths of players.

Ø Jewelers Guild Street
o Your Blacksmith and 3 Highest Experience Blacksmiths of players.

Ø Mystics Guild Street
o Your Blacksmith and 3 Highest Experience Blacksmiths of players.

Ø Auctioneers Area
o Different Auctioneers for Gems, Crafting, Armor and Weapons.

Ø PvP Queue Area
o Defense of the City
o Endless Rush
o Gladiator

Ø Waypoints
o The City Hub Waypoints are connected to all acts.
o Upon entering a different act; no quests will be present. However, all bosses will be spawned.
o Selecting quests is available through the Gate System.

Ø Gates (Game Selection Area)
o Gate to quest area in ACT VI
o Gate to open game system
o Gate to quest selection

Ø Random Objectives at Random Times.
o Random Objectives, from defending Tristram from waves of random monsters to defeating a set amount of monsters/ elites/ goblins to completing randomly generated events throughout the game. Completing the objective is rewarded with a treasure chest. Higher monster power increases the quality of the treasure.

Ø Guilds
o Guild support has been added

Ø Half of Fame (Ladder)

Ø Item stats are now allocated into 3 main categories and 1 bonus category.
Ø Rare Armor items dropped from monsters now roll 4 to 6 affixes and have a small chance to roll 1-2 sub-affixes.
Ø Legendary Armor items have had their sub-affixes removed, and now have an average chance to roll an extra 1-3 sub-affix. Legendary items also have small chance to roll legendary-specific sub-affixes that are not listed below.
Ø Items now roll at least one primary class attribute

Ø Primary (Affix)
o Strength (Class)
o Dexterity (Class)
o Intelligence (Class)
o Vitality

Ø Offensive (Affix)
o Critical Hit Chance
o Critical Hit Damage
o Attack Speed
o Defense Piercing % (New)
o Bonus Damage
o Bonus Elemental Damage
o Increases damage against Elites
o Mixed Stat, two of: (Crit / Crit Damage/ Increased Attack Speed/ Defense Piercing%), each 45% of max base value.
o Skill Bonus (New) (Specific skill bonus, all skills are available)
o Standard Socket (New).
o Specialized Socket (New). Increased effect if socket and gem match color.

Ø Defensive (Affix)
o Reduce Damage from Elites
o Reduce Control Impairing effects
o Reduce Slow effects (New)
o Health Regeneration
o Increased Healing by % (New)
o Increased Block
o Movement Speed
o All Resistance
o Elemental Resistance (Fire/Cold/Poison/Physical/Arcane) – Double Cap of All Resistance.
o Armor
o Life %
o Reduced Melee Damage
o Reduced Ranged Damage

Ø Bonus (Sub-Affix)
o Bonus %XP
o Magic Find
o Gold Find
o Gold and Item pickup radius increase (New)
o Resource Stat (Barbarian / Witch Doctor / Demon Hunter / Wizard / Monk)
o Chance to Blind/Freeze/Fear/Bleed/Knockback/Immobilize/Stun
o Level Reduced Requirements
o Treasure Hunter (New) Increases chance of finding Treasure Goblins and Resplendend chests and increases the quality of loot received through objectives and PvP.

Ø All items now roll equal primary attributes.
Ø All items now roll at least one primary (class) attribute.
Ø The affixes indestructible and thorns have been removed from the game.
Ø The magic and gold find cap has been removed.
Ø Players are considered Elites as of 1.0.7
Ø Diamond gem has been added.
o Weapon – Defensive Piercing %
o Armor – All Resistance
o Helm – Reduces Damage by %
Ø Wings can now be added to your inventory, and can now be toggled on or off that persist through game switching.
Charm System introduced.
o A dedicated inventory will be introduced with a quest in Act IV.
o Charms spawn in sizes of 3×1, 2×1 and 1×1. Charms are rolled similar to items (affix / sub-affix).
o Each Charm Size has unique affix and sub-affix rolls.

Ø Acts
o Players can now switch between acts through the waypoint system.

o All zones should spawn equal mobs and elites packs based on their size. For a zone of 1000m2 meters spawns 100 mobs, and 4 champion packs, and a 2000m2 zone spawns 200 mobs and 8 champion packs. Some degree of randomness will be used to vary elite pack amounts.
o Sub-bosses have had their legendary drop chance increased by 300% when killed with 6 Nephalem Valor stacks or higher.

o End of Act bosses have had their legendary drop chance increased by 400% when killed with 10 Nephalem Valor stacks or higher.
Unique Name Monsters
o Health increased by 400% and now have a 200% increased chance of dropping legendary items. Their loot table has also been changed to match the loot table of rare and champion monsters.
o Now roll (difficulty +1) random abilities.
o Upon killing a named monster, the player increases the Nephalem Valor cap by 1.
o Upon killing a named monster, the player gains a Nephalem Valor stack.

Ø Nephalem Valor
o Nephalem Valor stack size cap increased to 10.
o Nephalem Valor now increases your Magic and Gold find and Experience gained by 10% per stack.

Ø “Secret Level”
Treasure Goblins now have a very small chance of dropping a Gheeds’ Treasure Tome when killed. The Tome can be used on other Treasure Goblins, making their portal permanent and enterable by players.

Ø Gheeds’ Exotic Treasure Island:
o Treasure Goblins
o Goblin Gladiators (GG’s)
o Goblin Mages (GM’s)
o Goblin Fanatic of Gheed (GFG’s)
o Uber Treasure Goblin King, comparable to an end of act boss.
o (Very small chance of spawning Gheed himself)
o Many treasures!

Ø Mystic has been added as new crafter
o The Mystic specializes in altering armor and weapons.
o Unlockable in Act VI.
o Alter item appearance
o Change to another random sub-affix
o Reroll amount of sub-affix
o Change to another random primary (class) attribute
o Reroll amount of affix
o Craft Rare Dyes
o Altering Affixes require very rare materials dropped from monsters.
o Altering Sub-Affixes require rare materials dropped from monsters.
o Altering Sub-Affixes quality require common salvage materials.
o Altering an items’ appearance requires one of an items with the desired appearance, and it will be destroyed in the process.
o Special items unlocked by achievements

Ø Crafters can now specialize in a certain tree.
o Reducing its craft cost
o Craft time
o Unlocking special recipes
o Gaining unique appearances
o Experience system after maximum level.
o Higher Quality Affix
o Higher chance of rolling a Sub-Affix

Ø Blacksmith
o Off-hands can now roll base damage ranges (Witch Doctor/ Wizard Source)
o Quivers can now roll base attack speed
o Shields can now roll base block chance
o Crafting uses the new Affix / Sub-Affix system.

Paragon Level Perks

Ø (Account Bound), I.E. All characters benefit from the bonuses.
Ø Upon reaching level 100 all your characters gain an additional 50% more experience after reaching level 60 and gain magic find equal to your highest paragon level character.
Ø Level 100+ is only available for expansion characters.
Ø Each level beyond 100 increases the experience gained by 3% for all characters on your account.

Ø Level 1-100: Magic and Gold find bonus as well as attributes.

Ø Perks:
o Introduce perk system at Paragon 50

o Level 50: Increases the starting amount of Nephalem Valor stacks by 1.
o Level 55: Increases the chance of finding Legendary items by a small amount.
o Level 60: Treasure Goblins and Resplendent chests are now marked on the minimap.
o Level 65: You can now list 15 auctions, up from 10.
o Level 70: Your experience gain is increased by 5%.
o Level 75: Monsters explode more violently.
o Level 80: Increases the chance of finding rare monsters by a small amount.
o Level 85: Increases healing received by 10%
o Level 90: The cooldown triggered by your health potions is reduced by 20%, and potions restore 10% of all your resources.
o Level 95: You resurrect players 35% faster
o Level 100: The size of your Charm Specific Inventory is increased by 2.
o Level 105: Increases the pickup radius of gold and items pickup by 2 yard.
o Level 110; Increases your movement speed by 5% in PvE areas
o Level 115: Increases your stash by 1 half-tab.
o Level 120: Reduces the crafting costs by 20%
o Level 125: Increases the number of followers you can have in a solo game to 2.
o Level 130: Increases item quality of random objectives
o Level 135: Increases the chance of finding rare monsters by a small amount.
o Level 140: Reduces the cast time of town portal to 2.5 seconds.
o Level 145: Increases the size of your additional stash tab.
o Level 150: Increases movement speed by 5% in PvE areas
o Level 155: Increases the starting amount of Nephalem Valor stacks by 1.
o Level 160: Increase item quality of PvP objectives
o Level 165: The size of your Charm Specific Inventory is increased by 2.
o Level 170: You can now list 20 auctions, up from 15.
o Level 175: The cooldown triggered by your health potions is reduced by 20%, and potions restore 10% of all your resources.
o Level 180: Increases the number of followers you can have in a solo game to 3
o Level 185: Reduces the duration of control impairing effects by 15%
o Level 190: Increases the duration of your control impairing effects by 15%
o Level 195: The size of your Charm Specific Inventory is increased by 2.
o Level 200: 1 Follower will now join you in a multiplayer game.
- All your characters gain an additional 25% more experience after reaching level 60.

Level 201-999: Increases XP by 3% per level after reaching level 60.
* Keep in mind that these perks are in design stage.

Ø Defense of the City
Players can now queue up to compete against each other in “Defense of the City”. The goal of Defense of the City is to kill as many monsters as fast as possible while defending the different city gates.
Random monsters will spawn in waves that will even challenge the most experienced players.

o Instanced for each team, with the addition of a scoreboard (Monsters Killed)

o Everyone is rewarded with a Random Treasure Chest with its’ quality according to score.

o Average siege duration of 10 minutes.

o Game Modes
]- 1v1v1v1
]- 2v2v2
]- 4v4

o Queue system that will match players according to gear equipped. Cannot change gear while in Queue or during Defense of the City

Ø Endless Rush
Players can now queue up to compete against each other in “Endless Rush”. The goal of Endless Rush is for a team to venture as deep as possible into a randomly generated dungeon.

Random dungeon levels will spawn, with random monsters and elite packs.

o Instanced for each team, with the addition of a scoreboard (Level Reached)

o Everyone is rewarded with a Random Treasure Chest with its’ quality according to score.

o Average Rush duration of 15 minutes.

o Game Modes
]- 1v1v1v1
]- 2v2v2
]- 4v4

o Queue system that will match players according to gear. Cannot change gear while in Queue or during Endless Rush.

Ø Gladiator
Players can now queue up to compete against each other in “Gladiator”. The goal of Gladiator is for a team to kill as many other players of the opposing team(s) as possible while being sieged by heavy duty demons.

o Scoreboard of players killed by team

o Everyone is rewarded with a Random Treasure Chest with its’ quality according to score.

o Average Gladiator duration of 10-15 minutes.

o Game Modes
]- 1v1v1v1
]- 2v2v2
]- 3v3

o Queue system that will match players according to gear equipped. Cannot change gear while in Queue or during Gladiator.

o Players can queue for Gladiator against other players or teams of their choosing.

o Players can place wages on who will be victorious in “Gladiator”

Anything you guys especially like in that list? Anyone think it might actually be at all legit?

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