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Diablo 3 Seasons: Endings, Beginnings, and Scheduling
Almost everyone on my friends list and in the IncGamers HC West clan is playing Seasons now, so conversation has been focused on that reality. How long will Season One last? Are Seasons going to run a consistent amount of time? How much warning will we get before one ends and the next one begins? […]
Diablo 3 Best Level 1-70 Strategies, Cheese-Free
The Season One leaderboard race quickly turned into a farce (in Softcore, at least) when players exploited the huge exp provided by several bounties that could be completed by undergeared characters on Torment 6. All people had to do was party up (for the greater exp) and keep creating games until they got the proper […]
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Additional Legendary Gems are Coming!

Posted 20 Sep 2014 by at 13:10 GMT

Some cool news from the Blues, in reply to a long thread about current problems with the Barbarian. We shan’t go into those, but as part of a short reply emphasizing with the Barb complaints, Tyvalir confirmed what most players suspected. There will be more Legendary Gems added, buffing other play styles, though there’s no ETA. Additional Legendary Gems are Coming!

We do have plans to add more Legendary Gems to the game in the future, including those that are more defense-oriented. We don’t have a time frame to share for when the next batch of Legendary Gems will be added just yet, though.

In the meantime, we’ve been keeping a close eye on your gem suggestions, so if you’ve got an idea…let us know!

This week’s two-part podcast was focused mostly on Legendary Gems, and after analyzing them all, my main take away was the surprising lack of gems really built to buff melee classes. Several LGems are for anyone, and one or two are clearly much better for melee characters. But there aren’t any that really do what melee characters most want/need (make them able to tank on the highest Greater Rift levels) and there aren’t any that are really melee-specific, in the way that a DiabloWikiLegendary Gem like Zei’s is exclusively for ranged characters.

There aren’t any real useful defensive gems either. I’m sure that Invigorating Gemstone is the least used of all 14, and while Moratorium has a very powerful effect, it’s actually more suited to glass cannon ranged type characters.

So yes, there’s certainly room for some more/new/better LGems to fill the melee character hole.

One other LGem issue, with a question about a bug.

Simple question: IS Bane of the Trapped BUG FIXED?

Just want to know that, since I want to use rentless assault passive + Bane of the Trapped. But it is way useless without the slowing area doing the proc for damage amp. And I’m really strugling about which third gem should I use.

From what i read from blue post, it cant be fixed w/out an actual patch, so AFAIK there hasn’t been one yet.
Nevalistis: Hopping in to confirm this is correct. The issue with Bane of the Trapped properly affecting Frozen targets cannot be resolved with a hotfix and requires a patch.

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Nephalem and Greater Rifts that can not be completed

Posted 20 Sep 2014 by at 05:04 GMT

During the Patch 2.1 testing on the PTR, there were a lot of changes and tweaks made to Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts, as Blizzard adjusted the level size, monster density, monster type, and more. The end result was a pretty well-done system where there are (almost) always enough monsters to complete the Rift, and to complete it in time… until players are at the very upper edge of what their character can do, at which point any minor variation or monster issue (Corrupted Angels) can add too much delay to overcome.

Blizzard isn’t ready to give in to fan complaints about density issues and monster difficulty yet, but they are looking for directed feedback about Nephalem/Legendary Rifts in the rare event that players find one that can not be completed.

Hi Everyone,

In recent weeks we have seen reports of players encountering Nephalem Rifts or Greater Rifts that seemingly cannot be completed due to lack of monsters. If possible, we would like to gather a little bit more information from you about the circumstances in which you encountered an issue like this.

If you have encountered a situation where you could not complete a Rift due to lack of remaining monsters, please reply to this thread with answers to the following questions:

    • Was this a normal Nephalem Rift or a Greater Rift?
    • How many total floors were in the Rift?
    • What types of monsters populated the Rift? List any and every type of monster you remember seeing, divided up by which floor each type was found on as well as any other information about how monsters were distributed that you can recall.
    • What type of level or “tileset” was used. We don’t expect you to know the specific name for our levels, but a short description of the type of environment will do.


    • Act I “Crypts”, or Act 2 “Aqueducts”.

Lastly, if you can, posting links toscreenshots of yourself in the rift, the monsters in the rift, and of the open area map is greatly appreciated as it helps us better identify any remaining potential problem areas.

We really appreciate you taking the time to read this and add your replies.

I just want to note and clarify that we are not soliciting opinions on density, suggestions for balance improvements, or anything other type of feedback. We are looking for additional information to help us identify any remaining situations in which you could be put into a position to not be able to complete a rift at all, specifically because there are not enough monsters remaining in the Rift to fill the progress bar. Reports of instances where you simply ran out of time, or were forced to explore more of the map to find additional monsters are not what we are looking for.

That said, this is not to say that this kind of feedback isn’t appreciated. The bug report forum is simply is not the place for it. I hope that helps clarify what we are looking for. Thank you for your understanding and assistance in this.

I’ve often seen players ask why a Rift, especially a Greater Rift, can even spawn with insufficient monsters. Why doesn’t the code simply allow for more, deeper levels where players could always get to 100%, even if it took quite a while? It’s a reasonable question, but apparently the devs think that knowing when to clear out a level, rather than just dashing down the stairs as soon as you find them, is part of the strategy of running Rifts. I can see their point, but many players seem to disagree on the issue. Let’s survey, shall we?

What do you think of monster density and variety in Nephalem & Greater Rifts?

View Results

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Diablo 3 Seasons: Endings, Beginnings, and Scheduling

Posted 18 Sep 2014 by at 22:39 GMT

Almost everyone on my friends list and in the IncGamers HC West clan is playing Seasons now, so conversation has been focused on that reality. How long will Season One last? Are Seasons going to run a consistent amount of time? How much warning will we get before one ends and the next one begins?

We talked about that on the Seasons podcast a couple of weeks ago, and while all 4 guests loved participating in the first day/weekend of the ladder rush (except for N3rdwords, because Softcore cheese) no one was eager to do it again. At least not very soon. It was fun, but fun as an occasional thing, and everyone wanted to spend some time (weeks? months?) leveling up and finding new gear for their Seasonal characters before starting the whole experience over again in Season Two.

That said, there’s always someone wondering about how long Season One will last, or how long Seasons will run in general. Blizzard has repeatedly declined to comment on the issue of scheduling, so it seems they probably don’t have a schedule set in stone, and are planning to end/begin a new season when it seems like the community is ready for it.

So, two votes which are more like surveys. Do you want to know about the Seasons schedule? And how long do you think seasons should run?

How long should each Diablo 3 Season run?

View Results

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Why do you want to know when the current season is going to end?

View Results

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What Happened to the Ob/Zod?

Posted 18 Sep 2014 by at 21:20 GMT

Diablo I Obsidian/Zodiac ring.

Diablo I Obsidian/Zodiac ring.

The Legendary Ring DiabloWikiObsidian Ring of the Zodiac has an interesting history in Diablo 3. The ring name is an homage to the most sought after ring in Diablo 1, which was not a unique; it was simply a randomly found magical ring with “Obsidian” (+30-40% All Res) as the prefix and “of the Zodiac” (+16-20 to all Attributes) as the suffix.

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The Diablo 3 Podcast #150: Legendary Gems II/II

Posted 18 Sep 2014 by at 10:49 GMT

The second part of our analysis of every Legendary Gem newly added to Diablo 3. We cover the last 11, discussing all of their strengths and weaknesses, what type of build they’re best for, twinking uses, melee-bias, and more. Featuring Flux, Katniss, and Ynzerg.

See part one of this podcast for all the basic info about Legendary Gems, the Realm of Trials, upgrading LGems, and specific thoughts on the first three gems.

Click through for segment starting times:

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The Best Way to Farm Non-Torment Legendary Items?

Posted 17 Sep 2014 by at 20:39 GMT

A fan asks about finding the much-sought after DiabloWikiTasker and Theo legendary gloves and gets blue confirmation for the question.

Since TnT is not a Torment only item, farming in non-torment difficulty should remove a fairly good part of the shared pool and “increase” the chances to get them?
Grimiku: It’s true that Tasker and Theo gloves can drop in any difficulty, and there are some items that only drop in Torment and above. Obviously, looking for these gloves in Torment difficulty will increase the number of competing items per drop, but higher difficulties also increase the drop frequency.[/source]

In the post Grimiku helpfully links to our article listing all of the Torment-only legendary items, but really, that might as well be called Torment-set items, since the only items you can’t find until Torment are the higher quality set items, plus DiabloWikiLegendary Follower items and DiabloWikiLegendary Potions. All of the orange armor and weapons in the game can be found below Torment, and you’ll get better odds of finding them there, if you find a legendary of that item type, since there are fewer possible items it can be.

The question, of course, is one Grimiku mentions. Since you’ll get many more legendary items (out of the total items found) on higher difficulty levels, you probably have better chances to find any specific legendary item playing on a higher difficulty, even if your chances of getting on specific orange glove are slightly reduced by the Smart Drop inclusion of (for a Witch Doctor) the Helltooth and Jade Harvester gloves, plus the any-class Pride of the Invoker.

According to the drop odds tables for Patch 2.1, TnT has a 3.70% chance of dropping for a WD, if a legendary glove drops, below Torment difficulty. On Torment+, TnT has just a 1.75% chance of being the glove that drops. So if you can find twice as many legendary items on a Torment+ difficulty (you probably find 10x as many if you’re strong enough to roll pretty well on T5 ot T6)

So gamble gloves on normal = best way to find TnT, I guess. I hadn’t gambled below Torment in forever, but commenters point out that gambling now ignores difficulty level in terms of Torment-only items showing up, so it’s no help. A gambling WD = 1.75% chance of TnT if a legendary glove rolls.

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Why are Seasonal Legendary Items Kept Separate?

Posted 17 Sep 2014 by at 13:28 GMT

A fan asked a question that I initially frowned at, but after a moment of thought it’s not so weird an idea after all.

Why not let us send things from season to non now?

Think about it a slow steady stream of items going over instead of everyones going over in 1 go at the end of the season….? This way stuff you do not need in the season can be used today in non season if you are playing both….this also doesn’t hurt the season ladder since you can’t send stuff the opposite way.
Tyvalir: You make some good points here.

One of the main reasons we have your Seasonal inventory roll over at the conclusion of the Season, rather than at-will, is that we’d like players to experience a given Season as a cohesive package, from Season start to Season finish. We also want to avoid situations where players are just farming Seasons for the new Legendary items since they’re part of the reward scheme.

Players who venture into Seasonal play are intended to get a shot at these items early, so allowing players to bring them over at-will to their non-Seasonal profile before they’re added to the normal item pool would undermine that reward and break the intended immersion that an active Season provides.

I’m for Seasons being kept separate, but I can see the argument the other way. As Tyvalir said, if people can send stuff back any time then they’d just farm seasons for gear for their normal accounts. That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if the whole system was set up to support it and everyone knew that going in, but it would kind of defeat the purpose of having Seasons be a special, different category of thing.

I’m curious enough about fan opinions on this to include a vote, though.

How should special Seasonal Legendary items be handled?

View Results

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We’ve been debating some other seasons issues lately, so we should have another vote on some other Seasonal issues later today.

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Diablo Fan Art Watch #257: The Skull, Angel, and Nephalem

Posted 17 Sep 2014 by at 08:00 GMT

This week on the Diablo Fan Art Watch we feature 6 more pieces featuring a 3d render of Tyrael to a Diablo skull painted from a tablet to four Nephalem. Two barbarians; one standing tall and proud above those she defeated and the other holding a head of a demon beast.

Next we have a monk standing guard over the Black Soulstone in meditation as Malthael looms overhead. Lastly a crusader stands tall shield raised as he stands on a hilltop of skulls.

Art by Kwashik, unknown, Kenny Apas Estrella, LeeJJ, Nicholas Dariano, and 불타는소방서(Burning Fire).

Click the thumbnail to see a larger version of the image.

If you enjoy Fan art and want to contribute to this growing community, please stop by the Fan Creations Forum. Many artists visit frequently, posting works in progress looking for feedback and conversation. You don’t have to be “arty” to join in. If you have any questions, comments or have some fan art related news on the web please send me a PM and I’ll get back to you. Also check out the wiki page for more art from the archives.

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Blizzard on Legendary Gem Bugs

Posted 17 Sep 2014 by at 02:19 GMT

Fittingly, as this week’s podcast talks about all of the DiabloWikiLegendary Gems, Blizzard has Blue’d about a couple of LGem issues. (Though not the DiabloWikiBane of the Trapped Monk bugs, which we talked about on Podcast part one, posted this morning.)

DiabloWikiBane of the Powerful doesn’t seem to trigger after killing an elite pack of Corpse Raisers. (The Act V mob which explodes into a group of bats upon death).
Grimiku: We’ve found a bug with Bane of the Powerful that prevent’s it from activating when killing elite Corpse Raisers. We’re planning on implementing a fix for this bug in the future, but we don’t have any information to share about when that will be.

DiabloWikiBoon of the Hoarder

Does the amount of gold dropped scale with the % chance to cause the explosion?
Grimiku: Leveling up the Boon of the Hoarder will cause more frequent explosions of gold, but does not influence the actual amount of gold per explosion. Having a higher gold find percentage will yield more gold per proc, though.

That last point, about the gold per “explosion” when using Boon of the Hoarder, was a point of some debate on the podcast. Katniss and me have used that gem a lot (oh, have we….) and he hadn’t noticed it, but I found it with a still pretty weak character, and thus I was using it while I played on Master, then up to T1, and T2, and T3. And while the gold stacks from the explosion did increase, it seemed to me that they were rising by less than they should have, as much as Gold Find increases with difficulty level.

I did a test clearing the Weeping Hollow with Boon of the Hoarder, with the following results:

  • Torment 1, 1,194% Gold Find = 1.64m gold
  • Torment 2, 1,391% Gold Find = 1.81m gold
  • Your gold problems have come to an end!

    Your gold problems have come to an end!

    If you’ve never used Boon of the Hoarder, yes that’s how much gold you can pick up in a five-minute, casual, risk-free, low-Torment jaunt through the Weeping Hollow, with Boon of the Hoarder causing every third monster to pop a dramatic explosion of gold. But my point is that it seems like T2 should be worth more than ~200k gold over T1, given how much the Gold Find increases with the difficulty level up. My thought while playing was that perhaps the gold from the BotH explosion wasn’t scaling fully with the difficulty level, unlike gold dropped by monsters/chests/etc.

    Obviously one trial is far from a robust and scientific collection of data, and variance in the total monster spawn, luck of the RNG on the % explosion from the gem, etc, could easily outweigh it. But I’d still be curious if anyone has done more empirical testing on just how properly GF% applies to Boon of the Hoarder gold.

    A side issue to BotH, and I warn you, but this is *really* FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.

    As both Katniss and I spoke of on the podcast… if you play with the (superior) symbols for item drops (rather the old style than words/numbers), BotH can actually create visual hazards. You get so much gold during big fights that if you’re a melee char, standing still in the same place for a while and killing things right on top of you, that it can get really hard to see. I often have to pause an instant during combat and take a couple of steps, so I’ll move/pick up gold, and my Pickup Radius will carve out a clear space so I can again see something other than the hundreds of little gold symbols. You see some examples I took from my own games below. And note the total gold pickup number on the shots showing wave events; it’s 500k+ every Red Shrine, even on just T1.

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    The Diablo 3 Podcast #149: Legendary Gems I/II

    Posted 16 Sep 2014 by at 13:01 GMT

    Everything about Legendary Gems in this two-part show. LGem basics, how they’re found and upgraded, why they are so awesome, and then detailed discussion of the best builds, upgrade values, and uses for every gem. Featuring Katniss, Ynzerg, and Flux.

    Due to the amount of content to cover, with 14 legendary gems, this show is split into two. Part Two runs covers the remaining 11 LGems and will be posted tomorrow.

    Click through for approximate segment starting times:

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    Vote: The Biggest Current Issues with Diablo 3?

    Posted 15 Sep 2014 by at 22:34 GMT

    Checking the blue tracker today and a reply from Lylirra caught my eye.

    Name your single biggest issue with Diablo right now
    Lylirra: Thanks for the feedback, all. And for keeping the discussion constructive. There’s some great stuff in this thread, and we’ll make sure it gets passed on to the appropriate teams. :)

    I thought it would make a good topic for a vote, so I read over the first ten pages, tabulating how often specific complaints came up. Of course more replies treated the “single biggest issue” part like old people treat the “ten items or less” sign at the supermarket, and there were a lot of posts with WoT crits or just bullet lists like this one that defeat the whole purpose of asking for top complaints..

    There’s obviously some sort of self-ranking just by what people care enough to type a complaint over, but people have differing typing speeds and varying amounts of free time. So here’s our vote in an effort to really whittle down the issue. I’ve listed the most common dozen complaints, and you can vote for one up to THREE of them. I figure limiting it to just one is too selective, but letting you guys vote for everything is too indiscriminate. And obviously you can share reasoning of weight your vote with words in the comments.

    Vote: The Biggest Current Issues with Diablo 3? (Pick up to 3.)

    What is your biggest complaint about Diablo 3 right now? (Pick up to 3.)

    View Results

    Loading ... Loading ...

    I listed them in semi-random order, rather than sorted by the most complaints from that thread, since I didn’t want you guys to just click the top 3 and not even consider the other issues. Take your picks and we’ll see what order and ranking the sort into. Because science!

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    Key of Trials drop rates… too easy?

    Posted 14 Sep 2014 by at 20:01 GMT

    A fan asked about finding Rift Trial Keys, and got useful info from other fans and a Blue. Not only is it easy, but perhaps Key of Trials drop rates… too easy?

    What is the droprate on the trial rift key? I’ve done around 10-15 rifts now and have yet to see a key.

    Does difficulty matter? I am on a season character so I was doing master level rifts and now on torment 1 rifts.
    You’ll need to be in Torment difficulty in order to have a chance to find a Greater Rift Trial Key. Each level of difficulty beyond Torment I will give you a greater chance of finding a key, too.

    No actual numbers provided, but the drop rate is pretty generous in my experience. Even on T1 I found a Trials Key maybe 50% of the time, and playing this week on T3 or T4 I found them often enough to expect it and be surprised when one didn’t drop. I’ve not played that much with my HSea monk, but she’s got at least a dozen Trial Keys stacked up. (I just wish I could build up extra Souls so easily. Still totally bottlenecked on gear upgrades by those.)

    Do dis to get dat.

    Do dis to get dat.

    Overall, the ease of obtaining Trial Keys, plus the way Trials and Urshi works now makes it surprisingly quick/easy to upgrade your Legendary Gems. It’s certainly been tweaked and sped up since the The initial system we had on the PTR. Back then you found Greater Rift Keys directly, but there was no Realm of Trials and you had to start out at GR1. You could jump up 8 or 9 levels with a fast clear, but you still had to play through all those easy Rifts on your way up.

    For example: in that initial system players were looking at an hour or more to go from finding the initial key to finishing a R29 rift, which is enough to give them a 50% chance (per try) of upgrading a gem from rank 24 to 25. In the current system, that whole timeline is very accelerated. Stomp through a T2 rift in 5 minutes, get the trials key, blast through Trials up to wave 30ish in a few minutes, clear the R29 rift in less than 15m, and use Urshi for your Legendary Gem upgrade.

    A fast player with good gear could do that whole sequence of events in 25m, probably less, and if you’ve already got a bunch of Trial Keys, or you spend some time doing a bunch of trials in a row to build up several GR keys at your desired level, you could just knock them off one after the other, gaining 3 ranks to your Legendary Gem every 10-12m.

    Honestly, I’ve been expecting complaints that the whole LGem upgrade system is too easy. Which one of you “I already got mine” guys wants to go all Elitist mode and start that ball rolling?

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    Are Hellfire Amulets Worth Crafting?

    Posted 13 Sep 2014 by at 21:16 GMT

    On his "very first try."

    On his “very first try.”

    We posted a tutorial about the new DiabloWikiHellfire Amulet when it was first enabled on the PTR, and included a bunch of early examples… which didn’t look real promising. The HA rolls all affixes randomly from the entire pool of available affixes available to amulets at level 70, and there are a *lot* of them, as knows anyone who has spent time, gold, and all too many Flawless Imperial gems trying to enchant just the right thing on their own legendary amulet.

    Enchanting a Hellfire Amulet is no picnic, but fixing one affix is a lot easier than trying to roll 2 or 3 or 4 good ones in the first place. That’s no picnic with a non-Hellfire amulet either, but 1) most of the legendary amulets have some good inherent affixes, and 2) they do not require hours of key farming and Uber fighting to create.

    That said, the potential for a great amulet roll, plus a free 5th passive skill, keeps some fans trying again and again on the Hellfire Amulet, and the occasional sighting of a great one lights the fires of ambition from the glowing embers of vindictive jealously. Today’s example shows a very much Hellfire Amulet worth crafting:

    My very first attempt at it, I NEEDED to share it with the DH community.
    Grimiku: Wow, that’s just about the complete opposite of my Hellfire Amulet. Congrats on crafting such a nice ammie, MnkeYJuIce, and I can see why you wanted to share. :)

    Going to craft any more of them for your Demon Hunter?

    Honestly, did he have to stress that it was his first try? That’s just salt in the wound. It’s not a perfect amulet; Cull the Weak isn’t exactly top 3 in Demon Hunter passive popularity, but getting it free from a .1% quality Hellfire Amulet would probably make it worth the trouble to build something into your build to add regular chilling or slowing effects.

    (Update: Commenters point out that while Cull the Weak isn’t much used by lvl 70 DHs on the whole, it is very popular with the DiabloWikiM6/Sentry build that’s the current cookie cutter fave for highest Grifting DHs.)

    In the clan chat lately there’s always someone L4P for Ubers or key runs, even while complaining how terrible was the last Hellfire Amulet they crafted. It’s a disease with no cure… unless finding a good/great one is the cure? Anyone actually using a Hellfire amulet that makes them happy? You can see a huge assortment of them on characters in our Diablonut armory. I grabbed screens of half a dozen of the nicer ones from the first couple of pages of returns, but you can surely find better with hundreds there to snoop through.

    Update: Bonus video of a player rolling 57 Hellfire Amulets for a Witch Doctor.

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    Blizzard: How to fix Witch Doctor Pet Squishiness

    Posted 12 Sep 2014 by at 20:21 GMT

    John Yang hopped onto the forums this afternoon to share some of the Diablo 3 developers’ plans for addressing the problem of pets dying too quickly on higher Greater Rifts. Blizzard: How to fix Witch Doctor Pet Squishiness:

    Can we please get an answer about whether or not pet toughness is getting looked at… so I can decide if I want to keep playing my WD, or just roll the FotM class and get it over with?
    John Yang: Hey everyone. We’re in the process of doing a review of Rift Guardian abilities and extremely damaging monster abilities in regards to the amount pets take. Our philosophy on pet survivability can be summed up as follows:

    Pets should be roughly as survivable as the player. There’s a lot to this statement so let me clarify a bit:

  • Pets should scale with your survivability stats. They currently scale with most of your stats but not all of them. This is being worked on.
  • Pets should derive their Toughness from yours, and if you skip out on it, your pets’ survivability should be noticeably lower as a result. On the flip side, they should be noticeably tougher if you’ve increased your own Toughness. You shouldn’t skimp on Toughness just because you have pets.
  • We don’t want pets to be invulnerable tanks. In the live environment pets are too squishy, but even after our review is done in a future patch, if your pets are still dying a lot, we want you to be looking to increase your Toughness, which will consequently increase your pets’ survivability.
  • To work towards the first goal, Pets should take reduced damage based on how avoidable the monster attack normally is for a player. This is done instead of giving pets AI to run away from damaging attacks, which would cause them to lose out on DPS time. These monster attacks exist in a spectrum but roughly fall into 3 categories:

  • Full damage to pets – Basic melee/weak projectile attacks, not expected to be always avoided by a player.
  • Reduced damage to pets – Special attacks such as fireballs, which typically deal more damage than a basic attack, are pretty bright and visible, and can sometimes be avoided by the player. Good example are Perdition’s volley attack or Agnidox’s fireballs.
  • Drastically reduced damage to pets – Persistent AoEs for which the player is intended to move out of quickly or highly-telegraphed attacks for which the player is intended to avoid altogether. Examples are Thunderstorm monster affix, Mallet Lord’s arm attack, or Morlu meteors.
  • We’re not at our goal yet but are actively working towards it. Though the vast majority of monsters abilities in the game already follow these guidelines, we’ve identified a number of monsters abilities (e.g. Mallet Lord’s arm attack and some others mentioned in this thread and elsewhere) which don’t, and we will be addressing them in a future patch.

    You’ll note the presence of any “soon™” or other ETA-type comments from John, so WDs can just keep their claws crossed. It’s an interesting philosophy John’s proposing. So basically they’re going to nerf the damage to pets from all the most dangerous/damaging monster attacks, under the logic that if the pet was a player, it would have dodged. Of course the whole danger in the game is when you do *not* dodge such attacks.

    How about the idea of pet’s toughness growing from your own toughness? It’s logical, but many players choose to use in pets as a surrogate for boosting their own toughness. Unfortunately D3 doesn’t have skill points so it’s more complicated to really “invest” in the skills that you want to work best. People who want tougher pets will thus have to boost their own toughness to make it happen, and/or use passive skills for pet strength, and/or the few items that boost pet effectiveness (though those are mostly about boosting pet damage output).

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    Legendary Gem: Bane of the Trapped, Video Tutorial

    Posted 11 Sep 2014 by at 22:54 GMT

    Last week a Blue confirmed that the secondary legendary property on the Bane of the Trapped LGem does proc on itself. Here’s the gem stats, as a reminder:

    DiabloWikiBane of the Trapped
  • Base effect: Increase damage against enemies under control-impairing effects by 15%.
  • Upgrade rank grants: +0.3% damage.
  • Rank 25 unlocks: Gain an aura that reduces the movement speed of enemies within 15 yards by 30%.
  • That’s great for a melee character since the R25 version of the gem starts slowing, and dealing that damage, to anything within 15 yards. The property is plenty good for ranged attackers as well, since any attacks that slow, stun, root, chill, freeze, etc, all deal extra damage for the duration of the CC effect.

    Demonstrating that nicely is a new video by Meathead Mikael, where he shows off some details of the DiabloWikiLegendary Gem with his Witch Doctor. Not only do rune effects that add CC help, but various interesting item procs come into play as well. For instance, his WD has the Hwoj Wrap belt, which adds a slowing effect to enemies infested by Locust Swarm (a skill without a CC ability of its own). Ordinarily that’s just a helpful slowing bonus, but with the Bane of the Trapped gem, the slowing turns into a gateway to added damage. This is one of the cooler things about Diablo 3 now, with so many interesting legendary affixes all interacting and procing on each other, plenty of items or rune effects that aren’t special on their own can become very cool in combination with others.

    Click through for the video.

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